Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can Anything Else Go Wrong

I recently realized that Marriages was plural which is rather fitting actually. I'm in the third one and we have recently agreed to get a divorce. No arguments really this time just a dull ache because there is no feeling left. I woke up the morning after the decision so happy I annoyed myself. Relief is what that was and now the harsh realities of it all are setting in. At least I have a job to keep me occupied as I go down the road of once again rebuilding from the crumbled pieces that I call my life.

The realization that I have to type faster than I've ever typed before to get out of the financial mess has inspired me though. I can do this without suffering from starvation or having to walk into town in this heat because of a financial boo-boo. It's not the first time I've been hit with unexpected expenses, divorces and other set backs so I know that I will be ok.

There are those days though when I really wonder if I will ever find the end to these tests of my strength.

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