Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's Not What I Wanted

Theresa has a new Disney Princess Puzzle. It is 46 pieces and three feet. She asked for it this morning and as I was in the floor attempting to get her started on it she said "Mommy's Princess Puzzle." I did not want a puzzle for Christmas. In future it would be appreciated if you would give the short person cash to push off on mommy. It is always the perfect fit.

Theresa would be rather entertained with her little Hooked on Phonics electronic toy at the moment. She should be she knows everything that it is asking her to do already. She is happy at the moment. It is nice that she is not being so good. Come to find out the math concepts are ones that are not sinking in yet and she will need them to form to get her to write her letters.

The heater is on in the bathroom to take the chill out of the air so she can have a bath this morning. The water is off again, it last long enough to do a few dishes and get her a little bit of water for her bath. Now if I can get her full attention before it gets cold it will be a nice day.

We have an OT appointment in the morning. The other appointment cancelled when they realized they had rescheduled it for after her 5th birthday. Idiots. OK I got a lot to do this morning so I'll be going to get started on the rest of it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 I am saving as much money as I can by limiting the amount of payoffs I request no matter how much I earn each month.

My Autistic angel will be in school and therapy as usual after the first of the year with the exception of one therapy. Occupational therapy will be once every other week in the clinic instead of once a week when we go back. I will enjoy the planning for the summer with one less therapy every other week. I am a bit concerned though that I gave her one day with preschool in the morning followed by three therapy sessions. It is not the first time we had three therapies in one day but it is the first time that school was included with the three.

I am working on a book that I'm stuck on at the moment and about to send requests to have editing help on before I download it into Word to upload and market. I have another one in mind to write after it that I'm taking notes on but I can't start it until I finish the first one. That is not looking like a fast thing right now, I'm working on it at night after the rest of the work is done.

Monday, December 19, 2011

One Last Christmas

This is the last Christmas that we spend as a family. 2012 is fast approaching and I will be filing for divorce before the year is out if it is the last thing that I ever do. I may not want to say that too loudly given recent events. I took my four year (soon to be five) to her first funeral the 16th of this month. I had no choice, she is what held me up and I was so proud of her for behaving herself. 

The presents are few this year but she will at least have a special birthday. I still have to go pick up the stuff for her cupcakes but the baby will not be left out just because she is celebrating two days after Christmas. I am not sure why I but putting off my divorce is causing me frustration. I have a feeling that I have to save the money for it and that is getting increasingly difficult. One more  last year I will file a joint tax return with her father. This is year once again he has back child support to pay. I hate to tell him but I am not foregoing child support and he will have to get a full time job to cover his expenses.

At the moment he thinks he has it good. I will be drawing up a roommate agreement and he will cover his own expenses after the first of the year. I will simply remind him what they are. He is over 40 and he was never taught to pay bills it would seem, his irresponsibility has become more than I can stand any longer.

I am sure that I will spend the rest of my life alone at this point but that's all right too. He is not able to comprehend that we are not together but when the papers are finalized it will hit him soon enough.