Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 I am saving as much money as I can by limiting the amount of payoffs I request no matter how much I earn each month.

My Autistic angel will be in school and therapy as usual after the first of the year with the exception of one therapy. Occupational therapy will be once every other week in the clinic instead of once a week when we go back. I will enjoy the planning for the summer with one less therapy every other week. I am a bit concerned though that I gave her one day with preschool in the morning followed by three therapy sessions. It is not the first time we had three therapies in one day but it is the first time that school was included with the three.

I am working on a book that I'm stuck on at the moment and about to send requests to have editing help on before I download it into Word to upload and market. I have another one in mind to write after it that I'm taking notes on but I can't start it until I finish the first one. That is not looking like a fast thing right now, I'm working on it at night after the rest of the work is done.

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