Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's Not What I Wanted

Theresa has a new Disney Princess Puzzle. It is 46 pieces and three feet. She asked for it this morning and as I was in the floor attempting to get her started on it she said "Mommy's Princess Puzzle." I did not want a puzzle for Christmas. In future it would be appreciated if you would give the short person cash to push off on mommy. It is always the perfect fit.

Theresa would be rather entertained with her little Hooked on Phonics electronic toy at the moment. She should be she knows everything that it is asking her to do already. She is happy at the moment. It is nice that she is not being so good. Come to find out the math concepts are ones that are not sinking in yet and she will need them to form to get her to write her letters.

The heater is on in the bathroom to take the chill out of the air so she can have a bath this morning. The water is off again, it last long enough to do a few dishes and get her a little bit of water for her bath. Now if I can get her full attention before it gets cold it will be a nice day.

We have an OT appointment in the morning. The other appointment cancelled when they realized they had rescheduled it for after her 5th birthday. Idiots. OK I got a lot to do this morning so I'll be going to get started on the rest of it.

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