Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoping for a Refund

I am hoping for a much needed tax refund this year. It’s going to have to stretch a long way no matter how small it may be. I will get a portion of it thanks to injured spouse filing. Child support will eat the rest but that’s not a surprise since my soon to be ex (provided I can come up with the filing fee, sort out the details and move on hassle free) had an income reduction when he finally found work after two years of being unemployed. The unemployment he got was more than he makes now, which is rather ridiculous if I do say so myself.

In past years refunds have paid off bills, bought much needed items and made repairs. I’m afraid this year will be no different. I do wish that I could bank all of them. That would give me enough to live at least a year off of the refunds alone if they had not been needed in other areas in the past.

I have to hunt down siding. I want vinyl. I need a roof. I want metal. I do not like the way my home was designed and I need to fix my shed so it can in fact be used for storage. I’d love to buy an additional shed, but building one provided I have the sense and the energy to get it done might be more practical.

In the meantime I take measurements and make plans. Any refund will not be enough to cover all my needs but it will be a start. My truck needs an oil change and new tires. Those must come first even though I hope to get rid of it this year and replace it with something smaller, economical and cozy. I will need a small trailer to haul things but that can be worked out. So can making arrangements for someone with a truck to haul my recycling to the local center for me.

In the meantime I keep hoping for a nice surprise in the form of a refund check. I’ll hope more when I finally get all the forms I need in order to file my taxes. 

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