Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Happens

Yes, life does happen sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. You take it as it comes and you let the little things go. At least that's what people tell you to do but sometimes it's the little things that annoy you the most. How do you let the things that cause you to grind your teeth and give you enormous headaches go? You don't, instead you let go of the people that create the little things. For better or for worse I'm sure did not include meddling parents that do everything they possibly can to ruin your life and make up things when they can not find a legitimate complaint other than you are a grown-up that has the right to their own lives.

We all grow up and hopefully we make our own decisions along the way. There are those that do not believe we should do the things that we do but they respect the fact that they are our choices to make. Then there are those that do not and we need to head them off at the pass. Making it clear what the role they have and the role they do not have in your life from the start is the best route for these people or they tend to walk all over you. When these people came with people that you chose to have in your life getting them out can be tricky; it can mean that you have no choice but to let go of someone that you wanted in your life for a long time.

You do what you have to hoping that the ones you hurt unintentionally along the way eventually forgive you. Sometimes you have no choice but to give your life a complete overhaul and rid yourself of all those that would cause you pain intentionally.

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