Friday, January 13, 2012

One Nail at a Time

Yes, one nail at a time is how we (my soon to be ex and I) will be fixing the irritations that are surrounding us. I am not looking forward to climbing a ladder as he holds siding and boards for me to nail but if that's the way it must be then so be it. I am going to give up on moving, at least for the moment and focus on proving a point. The point is that we can and do take care of things without help from others the majority of the time. We will only have a few hours to work and we have to gather a lot of supplies in one place but that's fine too. There is one window pane in need of replacement but it can not be replaced until it is sunny and dry. It won't set and seal otherwise, while the pane is only $20 I think for that size having to replace it twice would irritate me a great deal.

Then there are the cosmetic issues inside, that I do believe I will take care of with my own little twist. I am tired of having walls all one color, so I do believe I'll be painting in sections. Only this time I won't be in such a hurry and will take the time to get the tape to prevent painting things that I never intended to paint just because I was in a rush. There is the issue of curtains or blinds. I have cats and a child, not safe for blinds. The last time I put blinds in every room I spent a small fortune just to have them just to have them be torn up completely less than a year later.  Leave it to little hands full of curiosity. I'm off to figure out what I'm doing first.

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