Friday, January 27, 2012


Weekends were once spent working for others, then searching for work when the constant stress of too much work went to not having any work. I can’t find a happy medium. Now weekends are dedicated to doing my own thing such as updating blogs, reading or writing about things that I want to unless of course I have a client with a looming deadline.

I want to spend my weekends resting as they were meant; at least for those that work a Monday through Friday week. I rearranged my schedule a bit so that I work inside writing or keeping the house when it rains and can be in the yard cleaning it up one last time. This time when I get everything gone there will be nothing else brought in without approval.

The recycling has to be gathered up to go off during the week since they only stay open until noon on Saturdays. I have been looking at the recycling and the fact that my garbage cans that hold it no longer have lids and thinking that I need to invest in a few large ones that come with lids in order to have it sealed away from the rain and becoming difficult to move. I am searching for ones that I can afford with wheels and locking lids. The additional costs will cover themselves when I am not in pain from trying to lift things too heavy and awkward to maneuver.

I manage to find time to read on the weekends now. Not much but a little my reading and personal writing was once limited to the time spent in therapy waiting rooms. I now make it a point to read a little bit each day of the week whether in therapy or not. I read from my Kindle for PC app while at home until I can get a portable reader and still read traditional books while in the therapists. I get to read twice as many books as I would have otherwise now.

The kid gets to be a kid (for the most part), we still have work for her on weekends but it is not as intense since she works so hard all week long with preschool and therapy sessions that never seem to end. What do you do on weekends?

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