Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Out

Yesterday was my birthday so instead of worrying about the bills we went out. Little bit discovered Checkers and found that the french fries there are in her world superior. She ate the small order that came with her kids meal, some of her dad's and half of mine. When we got home from shopping (I spent too much but only got what I needed, and it was fun!) she was still asking for Checkers.

Later yesterday sometime in the evening the mechanic called. The car was ready, he had gotten to it just as he promised.$30 for the labor since we took the part to him and supplied the brake fluid. 

Yesterday morning she did math worksheets for me! Apparently that was my present. We are doing math for one of the therapist, I would be printing worksheets without a million things going on because confusing a child isn't how the skills they possess should be tested. 

Well, I have the pages I wanted printed and it's time to go check on  my work for the day. Until next time remember it's your child NOT theirs to make decisions for.

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