Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is Still Happening

The school bus will start bringing little bit home earlier buying us more time for lunch. I am losing weight but not gaining muscle mass, I need to exercise more. I can do that, I'll start using my weights more regularly and taking walks. That will be easy enough. I am wondering if I can lose enough weight to get down to a size 10, my friends are all smaller than that but that'll make me happy. I need to get some muscles built up. Health is the first priority.

I am making some promises to me. They are small so I can keep them without worrying that I may be missing something. I need to lose some weight to make it down to a size 10 but I think that I'll start with a goal of losing twenty pounds in the next six months. That's safe and reasonable. I'll start with a goal of taking a walk twice a week around the property and using my weights three times a week. The rest of the exercises have to be worked up to. I will attempt to stop smoking once again, I may invest in another electronic cigarette kit though.

I think I want to fit into a bikini. The last time I was small enough my chest was too big but with the recent unexpected weight loss that might not be a problem for long.

The divorce filing fees were eaten by my computer purchase but I can earn them all over again. I have the papers and I still need to proof them. I also need a new tank for my well I have to get those numbers again.

I'm lost so I'm going to find myself. See you later.

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