Friday, March 9, 2012


The kiddo had her last in clinic OT session, and in two weeks she gets a new OT in the school system. We'll find out in two weeks if the kid understands that. She's used to therapist leaving this is the fifth or sixth OT we've had when you include the school system. Well, two in the school system and four privately so since she's one of those it makes fifth. The re-evaluation is already done and the IE goals for the new year (kindergarten) all set.

We have homework from therapy now, not simply the things that we are learning but visuals to aid in the process. We are going over Who questions for speech, we've covered what all ready. "WH" questions were in her IEP for the last two and a half years. We also have error trials to do for ABA in order to check on past skills and place them in the VP MAPP book to show where she is on skills. Now we're working on dressing and we have to work on writing legibility. I still have to buy tablets and regular notebook paper.

I would be so lost right now that it's not even funny. I'm no way prepared to send my baby off to Kindergarten; two and a half years ago at the age of three I was not ready to send her to preschool either but I had too. There are days I still don't want to send her to school because I'd rather have her home with me.

OK this is actually kind of depressing so I'm gonna go see if there is anything that I forgot to prepare for tomorrow.

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