Monday, March 26, 2012


I would be rather flustered at the upcoming week. It's not that I do not want to go to the appointments this week, I don't but I will. They are important but the price of gas is starting to get to me. It's almost $4 a gallon here again, yes I know some areas are already experiencing it but I can't take it. The price was too high for me at $3 a gallon and now it's eating into my budget.

I am working as much as I can around therapy, there is not much time to do anything else but I am not completely ready to pull my hair out at the lack of time yet. I have to invoice again on the first but that is about a week away which will give me more income.......I'm working on next week's schedule so that I know what to do. I have to do laundry, cut grass and find time for myself.

Next Day

After a few hours of trying to figure it out we came to the conclusion that I would be off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to allow rest to cover the weekend this weekend. That works well, Wednesday is my busiest day so I can not do a lot and short deadlines like the ones coming up would be out. The weekends are slower but I could actually do short deadlines within a few hours.

Apparently these pay more because they are irritating to do, (her words not mine). I haven't seen them yet.

Well I"m off to start my day.

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