Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Realistic

Last week our ABA therapist had a problem with the time. More like she was almost a half hour late and full of excuses about being thrown off by the events of the day. Since in two years time she's never done that before we'll take her word for it. I have data sheets to do that are not fitting in with the reality that is my life. (Makes note to discuss the fact that I work for a living during the next session.)

I need my kid to function, I also have no choice but to work. At the moment this blog posting would be my break from running back and forth from the beginnings of an article to house cleaning. This is getting old. I'm tired of staying up late at night just to get up early in the morning and start all over. I am in the middle of trying to schedule everything.

I have to make time for my own work while I work on this project for 600 articles and getting my child to learn new skills. I am hoping to hold off on payment until I finish and get the entire payment at once. That way I will have the money for a few months worth of bills and can let it earn interest while I work on other things. I have my book on the back burner. I pulled it out to work on a week ago, there was something that I need to add to it. I have another one a fictional one started because the story in the first one is far from over.

I am going to get better at updating these too. I am going to try anyway. I watched a twilight zone where a man did not realize until the very end that his benefactor was in fact Hitler. That was a shock to say the least of course there were clues though the entire thing.

Well, so far I'm rambling and I'm tired. I'll be going for now.

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