Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Move That Will Change My Life

Yes, I am making a move that is going to change my life as I know it. At least parts of it. I am looking at rentals at the moment because circumstances demand that I move. I have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last six years, I've been here approximately twelve but I did a complete clean out about seven or so years ago. I then started over once again, and I'll be doing it again.

How do I begin?

The first thing that I am doing is to get rid of all the clothes that we cannot or do not actually wear. The baby's clothes are going to a friend with a new baby so she can have clothes on hand when she gets into that size while still focusing on her oldest child with Autism with less worry. Our clothes will be going in the donation box or cut up for rags to use until everything else is ready depending on the condition that they are in.

Why the change?

Well, that is a rather long story filled with busy bodies and liars so I'll skip ahead to the financial aspects of the issue. The fact is that even if I manage to get rid of all the busy bodies and liars that have found their way into my orbit I can no longer afford to live here. It's getting ridiculous and starting to out run my income just to cover basic expenses. I'll show you just how much it's costing me for basic needs and compare it to rental costs for you.

No at the current time I do not have rent or mortgage expenses what I have is a ton of repair work and an outrageous light bill to take care of. I am tired and I believe that leaving this place to be torn down, sold or whatever else may come of it is best at this point.

What do I have to do?

I have to get the money together for pet deposits, collars for all three of the pets and take the dog to the clinic to make sure that he has his shots. A fenced in yard is a must unless the place I find to move has a room that I can leave the dog in to keep him from getting in the yard. He likes to be inside but he needs some manners first. He's a bit hyper. He'll be getting a bath soon so that he stops smelling like a wet dog. He has puppy pads but they are in the way here. He needs somewhere he can have his own room, or at least his own corner of a room without being too closed in.

I have to take care of my truck too. A junk dealer would be the best option for that.

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