Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Happens Ready or Not

I am in a fairly good place right now. I have managed to reopen my savings account which is a big plus. The way that it came about was long coming. I sold my Rodeo. I managed to get half of it to reopen my savings account and get a couple things taken care of.

I also came to the realization of why I had left private clients behind a year or so ago to focus on my own writing. The demands of private clients that do not realize they are not the only client I may have or that I do writing of my own are many. The stress that lack of realization causes has been numerous.

The stress made me physically ill then and it is doing it now with confusion over deadlines, communication is sometimes lacking over what else there is to do. I want to leave private clients behind all together but at this point I don't think that I will again, at least not yet. I simply have to remember to take the summers off to devote myself fully to my child and her needs.

The last two summers I took the majority of off. At least I only worked last summer when I absolutely needed to in order to keep focus on my child. Twelve days into the summer vacation, (more actually) and I have not gotten anything done that I should have with her. Only rewarding proper behavior with games.

I still sit up late a lot of nights but that has to stop. Next year we have to get earlier for school, actually in less than three full months we have to do that. I'm still wondering how we are going to manage to get to therapy and not miss a lot of school. Well, I'll cross that bridge closer to the end of the year or beginning of the school year rather. This is a time when rest would be nice but we have a vacation of sorts coming up to start figuring it out. Hopefully it will not take long.

The baby is already losing baby teeth and getting permanent teeth. That just makes me want to cry at the thought of her leaving home.

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