Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation Sorta Of

I refuse to do any work the next few days that is not strictly my own as I have a ton of things to do. My kid has therapy needs and she will not be in therapy for about a week. We have a ton of things at home we can do while she's out and I have some house keeping to do. Her father "bless his heart" would not be very good at actually doing things. He thinks he is but he isn't and being in the land that time forgot ignorant people look at me as if it's my job to do it all regardless of whether it truly is or not.

I realized I have three books started at the moment. I would like to finish at least one of them. One of them is too personal and the other two may be combined if I can figure out how. I will finish at least one of them. Probably the one I am writing by hand and will end up editing by hand before it ever sees my word processor. There is no danger of losing the file, it is fiction and it taking the direction it sees fit.

The kid is playing with change and we have our last therapy session before the holiday soon. I better get going.

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