Monday, July 9, 2012


It's easier than it sounds with a five year old and six year years worth of stuff. Actually more than six years worth, it appears that furniture and clothing are the only things I got rid of after my last divorce. They would also be the things that I have replaced. I got up with the intention of merely having all my kid's toys put up and out of the floor to vacuum and do some light cleaning. What changed?

I was up early enough to do some work without interruption in hopes of creating a payday for this Friday. I did some without a problem. The problem came in when I went to check the status of the articles. I had a revision request that said one of the articles did not make sense, it was a bunch of sentences. I was ill beyond belief, so I went about dumping out toy boxes to clean them out and vacuuming the floor as I rearranged the furniture.

Over five hours yesterday spent getting rid of things and cleaning, in my living room. The couch, (worn out with a wire sticking out) was put outside. I was ill about the time I put it at the road because of all things the dog had been pulling the stuffing out of it. He's been wandering so I have to get him a tag with his address on it, plus fence him in so the dog catcher doesn't get him. They'd only know that he's wandering not that he has a home and despite his hyperactivity would be missed.

I went through the toy boxes, I managed to get two medium sized gift bags full of toys that either don't work (or could need batteries), that my kid hasn't played with in forever. I'm hoping this means that we can actually get rid of them. There are more in her room to go through when I get that far. I went through and pulled out the food she had thrown in there to hide, YUCK!

I managed to get my dining table cleaned off and sprayed down to clean the things my kid has stuck to it. It looks much better with a single candle in it now. I'm thinking of getting a candle warmer to get more out of them. I love my candles. I would have to find the time to make up my scraps into candles so I can actually put those up instead of storing the scraps. I'm hoping to pay closer attention the next time though, I managed a small fire last time because I turned the heat up too high.

Today I'm working, going through papers, some of them have been filed long enough. Then I'm attacking either the carpet in the bathroom, (it'll probably weight to be ripped up) or the kid's room. I may attack my closet instead. I found a pair of pants I used to like to wear in a drawer yesterday, they used to be white but things falling into the dresser turned them slightly. I'm not sure how that happened but I'd like it to stop happening. I need to go get dressed and do a bit of work. This place isn't going to declutter itself so I have to do it.

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