Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreading the School Supply List

I dread the day that I go to the store and attempt to fit my child's supply list into my budget. It's kind of long for kindergarten. I confirmed the fact that the hand sanitizer on the list is a result of a lack of soap in the bathrooms. That is just gross if I do say so myself and I do.

The list is rather long and includes multiples of a number of items. I found out by asking a tutor that goes to the local schools that unless there is a bathroom in the classroom there is not soap in them. So the hand sanitizer on the list is a must. There are an obscene number of pencils, and I have no idea why there are two boxes of two different count crayons on the list.

On top of the school supplies for the classroom, it's time to buy school clothes again. This means going through her closet and picking out the clothes that do and do not fit her. I know that the pants I bought toward the end of the year should almost fit her now with a belt. The shirts, I'm not sure if they will or not so I am setting aside a couple hours to go through and get her to try them on so I know how many she has.

The budget for school clothes is very slim, and she has to have a new backpack this year. While hers stayed in one piece and worked for two years of school, it took it's toll and managed to start ripping because of the amount of things needed in her bag for the typical day. That number is reducing so I'm hoping that a change of clothes as small as she is will fit in a gallon storage bag and they can put the clothes she messed up back in it. Zipped bags prevent the smell from getting in the bag, and I can put a garbage bag in it.

Well, off to work. I have to earn the money for the supplies and still pay the bills. I should have started sooner but that is a side effect of being spoiled to PHP where they provide everything the children need to learn.

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