Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing for a new ABA Therapist

Well, she's not exactly new but she's new for us to see. Our previous ABA of two years is moving, her husband joined the army. There was a week with the new therapist sitting in on the session, a week without therapy while the two went over the ABLLS (sp) book to see the progress. It served to go over quirks that my daughter has.

In the meantime we have maintained our speech schedule. The speech schedule at the moment is going to be the only thing affected since we took a break from OT over the summer. What? Almost three years of constant therapy later I'm tired. If my child forgets all the OT over the summer then we'll push harder at the beginning of the school year.

The main focus of therapy lately is working on the items in the Kindergarten IEP. IEP = Individualized Educational Plan. She can do the work for the most part the problem is that I put her in a typical classroom where she will be expected to do things on her own for the most part. Well, with the aid of "paraprofessionals" which as near as I can figure translates to teachers aid. I hope.

Well, at the moment I have to come up with my own topics to write about and I'm stuck that's why I'm writing this. This Tuesday we do ABA back to back with speech, that's going to be interesting.

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