Sunday, July 1, 2012

Relearning Everything

In the years since childhood I've become spoiled to things such as central heating and air conditioning. Both of these modern conveniences are just that, there used to be no such thing. Fire places, wood burning stoves and eventually window units were the normal items used in every home. Recent events have led me to purchase a window unit, which will have company shortly. Eventually the bedrooms will each have a small one and the living room a slightly larger one, hopefully on the backside of this place to avoid the heat.

I am doing a lot of manual labor, the problem is that no one seems to remember the days when manual labor was the only choice there was. I think that everyone has to relearn things from time to time but I'm having to relearn on top of learning things that I never had the chance to learn before.

I am attempting to take measurements for minor and major repairs while attending to therapy needs for an Autistic child and working hours that some days amount to slave labor. I am behind once again in my savings goals because of unpredictable breakdowns. I have decided that there are some things I can do like using Murpay for gas purchases to make it cheaper, but that is only one thing.

I cancelled because while it is only $8 a month my computer shut down whenever the kid would use it. I can't tell if she did it or if the site had a bug she picked up from something. So a month or two without it to see if she was clicking something or if the site is doing it. If it continues to do it without the site then we can get the subscription back. She may have to start over but that's OK too.

Oh well, enough rambling it's time to make out a schedule for the week ahead. I have spreadsheets, repairs, family plans and of course a book to work on.

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