Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time for Labs and Getting Ready to Return to School

It's funny how it's time to take the little ones vitamin D levels again. It seems like it was yesterday but nope, it was just a couple months ago. They get checked on a regular basis since she is on 3,000 I.U. a day. That's the most anyone does, the fact that her levels are not going up lately but instead dropping means that I think it's time to get a dose that is delivered in 3,000 I.U. at a time so I know she gets the whole dose. We'll see after today's results get back. It's been hit and miss with the supplements since her teeth because lose.

I found bread cut in the shape of gold fish yesterday. So in an effort to get my child to eat more of what was in front of her I got a pack that makes eight sandwiches for a $1. That's not bad what is bad is that I paid over $3 each for tuna salad and another cheesy like sandwich spread just because it's hot out. The tuna salad I could make myself I suppose since I keep eggs. Two cans of tuna, one egg, some onion, green pepper, relish and mayonnaise are simple enough to keep on hand.

In the heat I have decided that I will be going to the grocery store every couple days after therapy instead of keeping a bunch of stuff on hand that we're not likely to eat. I saw bowls for my one remaining cat, Sylvester, and my lab mix puppy Johnny yesterday. The biggest problem is hoping that Johnny doesn't take his food dish off somewhere. The cat bowls will mean the cat is less likely to leave his food uneaten for Johnny to eat when he rushes in the house.

Poor Johnny is supposed to get a bath today, he likes baths better than storms.  Poor thing it won't be long before he needs a new collar at the rate he's going. I have to get him one with my phone number on it so someone can call if he runs away, although he is amazingly loyal to me. He gets upset when he gets put outside because he can't behave in the house. I need a larger house for him or maybe a small one with less stuff in it.

Well, my worst half's alarm is going off signaling that is it is time to end this and get ready to get the little terror that is my five year old up.

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