Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A sick Child, oh dear

OK so Monday I went to school to see the short kid and do a reading group. The kiddo wasn't feeling her best. That afternoon she gets home from school, the plan to go to speech then go to the doctor. Well, she couldn't do the speech work she felt so bad and she just laid in my lap at the doctor once we got into the exam room.

The nurse did a strep culture, which thank heavens was negative. The doctor told me to alternate tylenol and ibuprofen which wasn't started until last night because the one bottle they had of the children's was damaged. So yesterday all day she ran a fever with just the tylenol, I sent her father after work to get the ibuprofen which we started that afternoon. The kid got one dose of it and then none of the other as she went to bed about two hours before the next scheduled dose. 

This morning first thing she got Ibuprofen which means it Tylenol at 11a.m. and Ibuprofen again at 3pm. Tylenol at 7pm. which is bedtime. If she gets up in the night I'll give her another dose of the other. 

She is hyper, talking her head off and eating. To get her to drink I had dad go ahead and pick up the little pumpkin cup she wanted so badly but was told to wait because we weren't buying Halloween stuff yet. It doesn't close the straw stays open and there is no cap for it so it can't go to school but I can ask them to take her to the water fountain regularly so that she stays hydrated since she is sick or rather will have been sick by the time she gets back to school. 

At the moment she is working on tearing up my external storage by kicking it in her excitement for the computer so I have to go for now.

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