Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A visit to the School

I will be making a visit to the school today. No there is not a problem at the moment, I will be there to do the Accelerated Reading program with the baby. Her and one other child from her class, I think. I will be learning what I am doing today. This is going to be interesting, twice a week I will be at the school. She has had time to settle in without me and now it's time to interrupt her day a little bit. 

She's in a bit of trouble this week so we thought that taking her out of P.E. for a while a couple days might make it better. It's a long story, and we're working to correct it. While I never put anything past her I'm not sure she knows what she did and if she had an aid with her it would not have happened. This is a fact that I have no doubt about. Today will give me a chance hopefully to see the gym setup because I do not think that it is an environment that is going to work for her. 

Well, I had the visit to the school, the little girl that the teacher put with Theresa is the cutest, sweetest little thing. She's never met a stranger, talkative as can be and kept trying to help Theresa which was too cute. When I got there they were standing outside the gym while the rest of the class went in and the little girl had her arm around Theresa who was holding the stuffed Clifford from the classroom. 

While I was there I found out that Theresa had not bothered to eat all day, only drink. The teacher thought she had a sore throat, I thought she felt warm but she had just been outside. The teacher had thought she felt warm too, but we didn't think she was warm enough to have a fever. Well she fell asleep on me, but when it was time to get up the little girl with her volunteer to help get her up. She also volunteered to help her at the water fountain and in the bathroom to make sure that she was OK. Kids today are smart and sweet. 

The little girl with Theresa has the prettiest name, and wouldn't you know I can't spell it. Of course it is almost 5 am and Theresa is asking for starfall. She's out of school until Friday, doctors orders. She had 100.8 by the time we got there and she isn't looking like she feels well at all. 

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