Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One More Year

In another month, September 26th actually I will have the 6th wedding anniversary of my third marriage. I've been married three times, add them all up and I've been married over twelve years. Let's not add them up, I've still been divorced from my first husband longer than I've been married with all three combined.

Anyway, a year ago I was getting ready to figure out how to pay for a divorce. Now we have decided to give it another year. It would seem that without the interference of my in-laws we get along a bit better. There is no more arguing over the intentional hateful things that they do in order to try and butt in and take over. About eight months ago they did something to prove that I was right about them all along, and things in my marriage slowly got better. Well, it's improving.

We're getting alone better than we have in a long time, and have decided to give it one more year. A year spent working on getting back to where we once were. Only time will tell if it's gonna work but so far we've off to an alright start.

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