Friday, August 24, 2012

School is Going Well So Far

Well, it's Friday which means the first week of school is coming to an end. So far so good, only a few bumps in the road.

The past four days my little angel has come home from school dry. Despite being on a schedule to go every hour at the school she still refuses to use the bathrooms there. What ends up happening is that she holds it eight to nine hours at a time just to end up having an accident because she cannot hold it any longer and won't go in the potty. Either way after trying to potty train for over three years now with every bit of progress ending up lost resulting in having to start completely over. 

At one point we had to start over with her learning to pull her own pants up and down. She has used the potty a handful of times in the last few years those were victories. Now we are attempting to get her to use the potty when she needs to, and express the need to go so she can ask to be excused in class.

I am told (through email updates from the teacher) that she is adjusting well. She has only gotten in trouble once for blurting things out during gym class and just like everyone else that breaks the rules she did not get to go to recess that day. (Since we started with so few words, the blurting out in class is a victory.) The next day she really tried and the coach could tell that she was trying so she got to go to recess. She adores playgrounds and gets to go to them so little.

The baby gets up in the mornings now and gets dressed right before going to to learn something before she goes to school. This also makes it easier for me to fix her hair since she is less likely to flop around. Well, as far as the rest goes her conduct grade was "S" for satisfactory. I am pleased with that.

She also did the "1, 2, 3" that her teacher uses to get the kids up and out the door independently. 1 = stand up, 2 = push your chair under, 3 = line up. The children get to pick who goes after them on the Smart board at the front of the room, Theresa picked a friend without prompting and seemed to be pleased with her choice. The special education teacher says that Theresa has done everything they have asked her to. So far everyone is pleased and pleasantly surprised. 

Maybe the choice to let her go without an aide was the right one after all. We'll see as time goes on. Right now I'm still adjusting to her being gone so long at one time and having all day to work while I clean up. 

At the moment I hope payday is today and that the money transfers in time for me to be able to do the laundry and finish paying the bills before Monday. I think she has one more uniform to get her by if it happens to end up being Monday before I can do laundry. Transfers can take a while, the later in the day the transfer is made the more likely it is to be Monday before I have my money.

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