Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Week and A Longer Weekend

OK this has been a long week with the kiddo home sick from school all but two days of it. She went Monday and she went Friday. Now there is a three day weekend to confuse her and I think her dog is either half asleep or sick, he's inside behaving. He's just gotten a couple of stuffed animals to lay down on but he's not jumping everywhere. When he first came in he laid down on the love seat holding a stuffed bowling pin with a dog head and napped for a while. The peace last a couple of hours.

This month I called to pay my auto insurance online because last time I mailed it the payment never made it which costs me an additional $15 fee for the reinstatement. This last week has been an unproductive one which means I will work most of the night tonight. I'm paying bills and playing catch up at the moment in an attempt to finish close to deadline.

My child's father snores, so loudly you can hear him outside. He is aware of this numerous people have told him, I have asked him repeatedly not to sleep in the living room during the day because that is where I work and I cannot think over his snoring. He still does it I'm sure in an effort to cause me to lose my job. 

Oh well, I'll stay up all weekend to finish up this $100 worth of work and resist the urge to punch him in the throat for not listening or respecting me yet again.

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