Monday, September 24, 2012

Short Kid and Ice Cream Money

Well, last week that short blonde kid had to take her snack to school and do without her ice cream money. She was in trouble for not doing her homework correctly, or rather not doing it to her abilities to complete the task at hand. She can write all of her letters fairly legible and correctly, (mostly) but last week she refused to even try. It was a game to her so her ice cream money she lost. Yes, I am aware that she is only 5 but she went into Kindergarten with the ability to write sentences, (we spent the last year of OT working on them) so I expect her to actually form her letters legibly instead of just scattering lines on paper.

This weekend she found her little "Homework Helper" and formed the letters she had merely made passing attempts at last week legibly and correctly. So she earned her ice cream money back, she can still lose it again but so far she has it for school. She is still taking her snack for a while though. It saves a little bit of money to allow her rewards for being good when we go out. 

This weekend for example, Sunday afternoon was spent in the laundromat. Well, she behaved like an angel as I washed, rewashed, dried and folded my clothes. Then we went to the Dollar General and the grocery store. She had behaved so well in the laundromat (without benefit of toys taken with her) that I let her pick a reward. She chose a box of 24 count Crayola crayons. She hasn't had new crayons at home for some time so that was a good choice to go with her coloring books she already has. We also picked up a small pack of dry erase markers so she can practice sentences on her lined dry erase board. Dad said he wanted ice cream before we left and the short blonde kid agreed but she wanted ice cream sandwiches. So I got a thing of Rocky Road and a box of ice cream sandwiches. 

I'll be examining Friday's sales this week and planning for the next two weeks budget this week. I'm going through her clothes little by little getting rid of the ones that are too small. (Donation box down the road.) That should take up most of the mornings this week to make sure I have enough to fill at least three or four small bags. There are some that need washing and those are going in the dirty clothes. That is this weeks project (aside from writing/rewriting my own articles, some editing and figuring out what to do with the book I trashed. 

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