Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Program Schedule

Well, the end of formal ABA due to the cost means that we now have a home program from the ABA until we can get back. Should we finish this before that time I have to call her to get the next step in the program. A week of my being on the verge of death too sick to function has put us behind on the skills.

I now have the next week scheduled out. The speech schedule for the week determined the upcoming schedule. The majority is verbal as a result of limited time, these are skills that can be done either driving down the road or in the car. It's strange having materials from the therapist for the entire thing. Even stranger is figuring out when to do my personal goals with the kid.

So far today as I have read I have managed to find a few dozen items for therapy that I already had, and the kid has managed to lose part of. My consolation is that the rest has to be in the house somewhere. I have managed to get what I have found so far gathered up, put into containers and some of them actually organized with the rest of the (what's left of) set.

I have also managed to find a few dozen socks that others claimed were lost, because they were too stupid not paying attention to what they were doing when. The good news is that'll work for the kid as a sorting exercise. We'll start by getting all the stray socks into piles of the same color before I make the treasure hunt effort to match them correctly. Then I may put them away or stuff them with rocks to fling at the offending party.

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