Thursday, November 1, 2012

Preparing for a Late Halloween

Yes, I know Halloween was yesterday but my kid has to be in bed by 6:30 and typically she goes without a big fuss. She's tired from her long day, even on days she doesn't have to go to therapy in the afternoons. She has all her homework completed on Monday afternoons, except for the tiny book that doesn't come out until the folders for the week with the conduct grade comes out. This means she gets some free time the rest of the week.

This Saturday we are giving her a private Halloween. I would be getting her some candy, putting her in her costume, taking pictures and letting her enjoy begging, trick or treating in the safety of the living room. Her ABA therapy? Well, I'm in the process of searching the house for the packet that I had in my hand one minute and couldn't find the next. At least two weeks ago it's been missing since. That means homework is our main focus along with speech and manners. I know for a fact some of the ABA was geared to her learning the skills for the school curriculum format.

This week I am buying select candies (stuff she'll eat), and hopefully making cupcakes for her with Halloween like decorations. Well, off to work, I have a Hot Flash to write.

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