Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Experiences for the Kid

The kid had two field trips this week; the first to the movies and to the pizza place. The second just to the movies she did good with the first one, not sure about the second yet. It should be going on about the time this posts.

She came home Monday and was able to tell us that she had pizza. Now as long as I don't get excited and tell anyone about it noone will try to make me feel guilty that after three years, endless hours of therapy, millions of hours of lost sleep and a ton of crap I couldn't afford to begin with that my almost six year old consistantly functions at a three year old level.

So I'm a friend short these days, no big deal. I didn't deserve the hateful response I got to a simple yes or no question of whether or not her and her son had left the  movie without seeing it. Seriously for all I knew some crazied freak was in the theater or something. Oh well, without her there is no ignorant husband, ex-husband roomate, baby daddy jackass to deal with. I'll be nice and pretend I didn't understand his rude ass, innappropriate thinly veiled threat of a comment. Once.

Well, that's all. The kid is having a fairly good week, over the holiday vacation I plan to attempt to go get her long, beautiful hair cut off because the sight of a hairbrush sends her into a panic.

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