Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No therapy today

We didn't have speech yesterday and we won't be having it today. The therapist has a family emergency of her own to deal with, she deserves time off but I do wish it was under better circumstances. Theresa is behaving well for her age today.

We've only had one accident in the area of potty training so far today. When she did it she came to me screaming "paper towel, paper towel" she wanted to clean up the mess she had just made. That's a good sign even though she didn't tell me that she had to use the potty; it's an acknowledgement that she was wet. That's an awesome sign.

I spent a few hours picking her toys up last night just to find my living room floor in order to vacuum it. Guess what she's now in the process of undoing everything that I picked up. I'll be cleaning the kitchen a bit and baking homemade bread today. I'll be squeezing in a little more work too because I don't have a choice.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not a Three Day Weekend After All

Well, the rest of the world gets a three day weekend this week but not us. The school is closed but the clinic for therapy is going to be open. One of the therapist told me that if I wanted a three day weekend I should take it and no one would think anything about it. Theresa'll be ill if she suspects the therapists are there and she's not though.

I have to remember to call about the results of her labs tomorrow. I forgot today to check, if I forget tomorrow it'll be next week. The DMG is a tiny tablet and Theresa puts it in her mouth willingly each morning. That's a good thing. The speech therapist had a seminar where they showed them some sensory techniques that work when it comes to getting Autistic children to let you brush their hair. Well, Theresa is a bit irritable when you attempt to brush her hair so we decided to give it a try.

Well, turns out putting pressure on the sides of Theresa's head is something that she enjoys. One you do that for a few minutes she'll let you brush her hair all day long. I am exhausted and still have at least one article to write. I managed to make $2 this morning while I did laundry and ran after Theresa. We had an afternoon of therapy and I managed to wash her training pants so now I have to spend a few hours playing catch up.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Sinking In!

Over a year since the Autism diagnosis and it's becoming clearer everyday that all the time spent pulling our hair out was worth it. Theresa is going better than ever and she proves it everyday. Since I put her in cloth more often she's actually making an effort to potty train because she doesn't seem to like having a dirty rear end. She's also having more spontaneous speech after speech which proves something, somewhere is sinking in! 

Theresa's supplements need refilling but it'll be a little bit. I'm going to call next week and schedule labs so we'll know then what she's taking and what she needs to take now. I'm supposed to be working so I'll be going now.