Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Experiences for the Kid

The kid had two field trips this week; the first to the movies and to the pizza place. The second just to the movies she did good with the first one, not sure about the second yet. It should be going on about the time this posts.

She came home Monday and was able to tell us that she had pizza. Now as long as I don't get excited and tell anyone about it noone will try to make me feel guilty that after three years, endless hours of therapy, millions of hours of lost sleep and a ton of crap I couldn't afford to begin with that my almost six year old consistantly functions at a three year old level.

So I'm a friend short these days, no big deal. I didn't deserve the hateful response I got to a simple yes or no question of whether or not her and her son had left the  movie without seeing it. Seriously for all I knew some crazied freak was in the theater or something. Oh well, without her there is no ignorant husband, ex-husband roomate, baby daddy jackass to deal with. I'll be nice and pretend I didn't understand his rude ass, innappropriate thinly veiled threat of a comment. Once.

Well, that's all. The kid is having a fairly good week, over the holiday vacation I plan to attempt to go get her long, beautiful hair cut off because the sight of a hairbrush sends her into a panic.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Preparing for a Late Halloween

Yes, I know Halloween was yesterday but my kid has to be in bed by 6:30 and typically she goes without a big fuss. She's tired from her long day, even on days she doesn't have to go to therapy in the afternoons. She has all her homework completed on Monday afternoons, except for the tiny book that doesn't come out until the folders for the week with the conduct grade comes out. This means she gets some free time the rest of the week.

This Saturday we are giving her a private Halloween. I would be getting her some candy, putting her in her costume, taking pictures and letting her enjoy begging, trick or treating in the safety of the living room. Her ABA therapy? Well, I'm in the process of searching the house for the packet that I had in my hand one minute and couldn't find the next. At least two weeks ago it's been missing since. That means homework is our main focus along with speech and manners. I know for a fact some of the ABA was geared to her learning the skills for the school curriculum format.

This week I am buying select candies (stuff she'll eat), and hopefully making cupcakes for her with Halloween like decorations. Well, off to work, I have a Hot Flash to write.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Home Program Schedule

Well, the end of formal ABA due to the cost means that we now have a home program from the ABA until we can get back. Should we finish this before that time I have to call her to get the next step in the program. A week of my being on the verge of death too sick to function has put us behind on the skills.

I now have the next week scheduled out. The speech schedule for the week determined the upcoming schedule. The majority is verbal as a result of limited time, these are skills that can be done either driving down the road or in the car. It's strange having materials from the therapist for the entire thing. Even stranger is figuring out when to do my personal goals with the kid.

So far today as I have read I have managed to find a few dozen items for therapy that I already had, and the kid has managed to lose part of. My consolation is that the rest has to be in the house somewhere. I have managed to get what I have found so far gathered up, put into containers and some of them actually organized with the rest of the (what's left of) set.

I have also managed to find a few dozen socks that others claimed were lost, because they were too stupid not paying attention to what they were doing when. The good news is that'll work for the kid as a sorting exercise. We'll start by getting all the stray socks into piles of the same color before I make the treasure hunt effort to match them correctly. Then I may put them away or stuff them with rocks to fling at the offending party.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It never ends

We have just begun Fall Break, which means that my child is home for a week. I have a lot of work to do since I forgot my Internet is coming due. This means I'll keep vampire hours and hope to stay awake long enough to get her to her rescheduled appointments. I moved them to earlier in the day so that we'd be able to get her to bed at a decent hour and get her more rest on her week off. There's at least one of those mornings breakfast will go with her.

We also have an appointment to check her Vitamin D levels, at that appointment I have to discuss taking her permanently off the supplements she has been on. I cannot remember the last time I got them in her, I'm pretty sure it was before school started though. The expense of it all is getting out of hand, and well she's functioning fine with the missed doses.

There a number of holidays coming back to back in addition to her birthday. I am undecided on which cake to bake her, and even more undecided on her decorations. I'm just glad that there is no chance of having to figure it out around appointments. Her birthday day is during the holiday season, two days after Christmas. Yes, we do have two separate days for her.

Well, it's time to get to planning my grocery list so we have an idea what we're eating next week.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Changes, Changes and More Changes

There have been a lot of changes over the past year, and the changes are continuing. Some are good, some are not so good and some make me want to pull my hair out. To put it in focus, one of the highlights of the week was finding Kraft mayonnaise for 99 cents. I don't particularly care for mayonnaise so this was strange.

I had to drop ABA for the moment because the expense was no longer in my budget. Now I have a small packet from the therapist for the next set of skills in the ABLLs so that I can go over them with the kid. They're simple skills that would otherwise be overlooked because of the rest of her skills being above them. Now to manage to include the actual time to sit down and teach the skills in a format outside a controlled environment instead of merely reinforcing the skills outside of the environment.

The fact that I now have to go to the laundromat every week thanks to technical difficulty with the washing machine would be an annoyance. I have a week of school uniforms for the kid, which means I need to buy her more. I also need to get the stain remover and a load of whites together. She has a white long sleeve shirt that she can wear to school, but in the condition it is in it can only be worn under her jumper on a cold day. Little kid's love attract stains. The previously white shirt has brown stains on it.

I have attempted a number of times to go through her clothes and get out what is to small or to short for her. It's taking a great deal of time. I'm also attempting to get the ones that she has grown into somewhere I can find them after school and on weekends. I'm still hunting for additional uniforms, the goal is to have two weeks worth, some larger sizes for next year. Then I can put her clothes in the washing machine alone. That would ideal.

Well, I have work to do and another blog to update.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Short Kid and Ice Cream Money

Well, last week that short blonde kid had to take her snack to school and do without her ice cream money. She was in trouble for not doing her homework correctly, or rather not doing it to her abilities to complete the task at hand. She can write all of her letters fairly legible and correctly, (mostly) but last week she refused to even try. It was a game to her so her ice cream money she lost. Yes, I am aware that she is only 5 but she went into Kindergarten with the ability to write sentences, (we spent the last year of OT working on them) so I expect her to actually form her letters legibly instead of just scattering lines on paper.

This weekend she found her little "Homework Helper" and formed the letters she had merely made passing attempts at last week legibly and correctly. So she earned her ice cream money back, she can still lose it again but so far she has it for school. She is still taking her snack for a while though. It saves a little bit of money to allow her rewards for being good when we go out. 

This weekend for example, Sunday afternoon was spent in the laundromat. Well, she behaved like an angel as I washed, rewashed, dried and folded my clothes. Then we went to the Dollar General and the grocery store. She had behaved so well in the laundromat (without benefit of toys taken with her) that I let her pick a reward. She chose a box of 24 count Crayola crayons. She hasn't had new crayons at home for some time so that was a good choice to go with her coloring books she already has. We also picked up a small pack of dry erase markers so she can practice sentences on her lined dry erase board. Dad said he wanted ice cream before we left and the short blonde kid agreed but she wanted ice cream sandwiches. So I got a thing of Rocky Road and a box of ice cream sandwiches. 

I'll be examining Friday's sales this week and planning for the next two weeks budget this week. I'm going through her clothes little by little getting rid of the ones that are too small. (Donation box down the road.) That should take up most of the mornings this week to make sure I have enough to fill at least three or four small bags. There are some that need washing and those are going in the dirty clothes. That is this weeks project (aside from writing/rewriting my own articles, some editing and figuring out what to do with the book I trashed. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PTO Show

September 18, 2012 - first PTO meeting

The first PTO meeting/performance of the year has come and gone. The Kindergarten and First Grade classes gave a performance. Kids had to be at the school from 5:30 to 5:50 tonight to get ready for the performance. I was nervous given shorty’s previous years. The first she looked terrified, the second she just smiled, the third she refused to open her mouth.

Well, this year was drastically different. Shorty was not only happy to be on stage, she nearly danced off the stage. My little angel was attempting to steal the show. Not only was she smiling the entire time, (mostly) she went from her place in the line-up to dancing across the front of the stage. The teacher had to get her to keep her from falling off the stage.

It was amazing to watch the baby enjoying herself.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Week and A Longer Weekend

OK this has been a long week with the kiddo home sick from school all but two days of it. She went Monday and she went Friday. Now there is a three day weekend to confuse her and I think her dog is either half asleep or sick, he's inside behaving. He's just gotten a couple of stuffed animals to lay down on but he's not jumping everywhere. When he first came in he laid down on the love seat holding a stuffed bowling pin with a dog head and napped for a while. The peace last a couple of hours.

This month I called to pay my auto insurance online because last time I mailed it the payment never made it which costs me an additional $15 fee for the reinstatement. This last week has been an unproductive one which means I will work most of the night tonight. I'm paying bills and playing catch up at the moment in an attempt to finish close to deadline.

My child's father snores, so loudly you can hear him outside. He is aware of this numerous people have told him, I have asked him repeatedly not to sleep in the living room during the day because that is where I work and I cannot think over his snoring. He still does it I'm sure in an effort to cause me to lose my job. 

Oh well, I'll stay up all weekend to finish up this $100 worth of work and resist the urge to punch him in the throat for not listening or respecting me yet again.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A sick Child, oh dear

OK so Monday I went to school to see the short kid and do a reading group. The kiddo wasn't feeling her best. That afternoon she gets home from school, the plan to go to speech then go to the doctor. Well, she couldn't do the speech work she felt so bad and she just laid in my lap at the doctor once we got into the exam room.

The nurse did a strep culture, which thank heavens was negative. The doctor told me to alternate tylenol and ibuprofen which wasn't started until last night because the one bottle they had of the children's was damaged. So yesterday all day she ran a fever with just the tylenol, I sent her father after work to get the ibuprofen which we started that afternoon. The kid got one dose of it and then none of the other as she went to bed about two hours before the next scheduled dose. 

This morning first thing she got Ibuprofen which means it Tylenol at 11a.m. and Ibuprofen again at 3pm. Tylenol at 7pm. which is bedtime. If she gets up in the night I'll give her another dose of the other. 

She is hyper, talking her head off and eating. To get her to drink I had dad go ahead and pick up the little pumpkin cup she wanted so badly but was told to wait because we weren't buying Halloween stuff yet. It doesn't close the straw stays open and there is no cap for it so it can't go to school but I can ask them to take her to the water fountain regularly so that she stays hydrated since she is sick or rather will have been sick by the time she gets back to school. 

At the moment she is working on tearing up my external storage by kicking it in her excitement for the computer so I have to go for now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A visit to the School

I will be making a visit to the school today. No there is not a problem at the moment, I will be there to do the Accelerated Reading program with the baby. Her and one other child from her class, I think. I will be learning what I am doing today. This is going to be interesting, twice a week I will be at the school. She has had time to settle in without me and now it's time to interrupt her day a little bit. 

She's in a bit of trouble this week so we thought that taking her out of P.E. for a while a couple days might make it better. It's a long story, and we're working to correct it. While I never put anything past her I'm not sure she knows what she did and if she had an aid with her it would not have happened. This is a fact that I have no doubt about. Today will give me a chance hopefully to see the gym setup because I do not think that it is an environment that is going to work for her. 

Well, I had the visit to the school, the little girl that the teacher put with Theresa is the cutest, sweetest little thing. She's never met a stranger, talkative as can be and kept trying to help Theresa which was too cute. When I got there they were standing outside the gym while the rest of the class went in and the little girl had her arm around Theresa who was holding the stuffed Clifford from the classroom. 

While I was there I found out that Theresa had not bothered to eat all day, only drink. The teacher thought she had a sore throat, I thought she felt warm but she had just been outside. The teacher had thought she felt warm too, but we didn't think she was warm enough to have a fever. Well she fell asleep on me, but when it was time to get up the little girl with her volunteer to help get her up. She also volunteered to help her at the water fountain and in the bathroom to make sure that she was OK. Kids today are smart and sweet. 

The little girl with Theresa has the prettiest name, and wouldn't you know I can't spell it. Of course it is almost 5 am and Theresa is asking for starfall. She's out of school until Friday, doctors orders. She had 100.8 by the time we got there and she isn't looking like she feels well at all. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

School is Going Well So Far

Well, it's Friday which means the first week of school is coming to an end. So far so good, only a few bumps in the road.

The past four days my little angel has come home from school dry. Despite being on a schedule to go every hour at the school she still refuses to use the bathrooms there. What ends up happening is that she holds it eight to nine hours at a time just to end up having an accident because she cannot hold it any longer and won't go in the potty. Either way after trying to potty train for over three years now with every bit of progress ending up lost resulting in having to start completely over. 

At one point we had to start over with her learning to pull her own pants up and down. She has used the potty a handful of times in the last few years those were victories. Now we are attempting to get her to use the potty when she needs to, and express the need to go so she can ask to be excused in class.

I am told (through email updates from the teacher) that she is adjusting well. She has only gotten in trouble once for blurting things out during gym class and just like everyone else that breaks the rules she did not get to go to recess that day. (Since we started with so few words, the blurting out in class is a victory.) The next day she really tried and the coach could tell that she was trying so she got to go to recess. She adores playgrounds and gets to go to them so little.

The baby gets up in the mornings now and gets dressed right before going to starfall.com to learn something before she goes to school. This also makes it easier for me to fix her hair since she is less likely to flop around. Well, as far as the rest goes her conduct grade was "S" for satisfactory. I am pleased with that.

She also did the "1, 2, 3" that her teacher uses to get the kids up and out the door independently. 1 = stand up, 2 = push your chair under, 3 = line up. The children get to pick who goes after them on the Smart board at the front of the room, Theresa picked a friend without prompting and seemed to be pleased with her choice. The special education teacher says that Theresa has done everything they have asked her to. So far everyone is pleased and pleasantly surprised. 

Maybe the choice to let her go without an aide was the right one after all. We'll see as time goes on. Right now I'm still adjusting to her being gone so long at one time and having all day to work while I clean up. 

At the moment I hope payday is today and that the money transfers in time for me to be able to do the laundry and finish paying the bills before Monday. I think she has one more uniform to get her by if it happens to end up being Monday before I can do laundry. Transfers can take a while, the later in the day the transfer is made the more likely it is to be Monday before I have my money.

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day Of Kindergarten

OK it is the first day of Kindergarten, funny you wouldn't think it was such a big deal considering the baby started school at three. I sent her with her little back pack (not so little for her size) full of school supplies. She even had money to buy ice cream, her lunch application was temporarily approved. This is a good thing, I didn't find out for sure until after I had put her on the bus so she left with money for breakfast and lunch (they should check).

I have no idea what to do today. I have some research for a short article that I have due this week that needs a bit more detail. I have the research so far in front of me, but I can't seem to put it together, I am drawing a blank on forming sentences. I did manage to work on my book before school this morning. I'll be handwriting on it during lunch since my mind is a blank and I don't want to turn it into something horrific because I cannot focus.

I started to write an article this morning, and I managed to lose it. ... I do hope my baby is doing OK at her new school. Oh I guess I'll pick more toys up off the floor and turn the computer off for a while.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Overwhelmed at Life

Yes, I am overwhelmed at life at the moment. That little blonde kid, the one I was determined to keep with me until she stared school? She's been in school two and a half years already. She's just now beginning Kindergarten.

We are starting the year with only the school's OT services. I'm tired, and her days are longer now. We're beginning with a new private ABA, that is rearranging the scheduling to see where the kid fits. She stays late to avoid working Friday's and spending money on the outrageous gas prices as travels in from out of state to provide services.

Speech we're in the process of rearranging that. Tuesday's those moved to 5:30 in the afternoon each week. Wednesday's moved to 5 p.m. every other week. The Wednesday spot I believe it is, a temporary one.

And I lost my thought since I stared this so I'm just gonna go. It's all a lot to adjust.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One More Year

In another month, September 26th actually I will have the 6th wedding anniversary of my third marriage. I've been married three times, add them all up and I've been married over twelve years. Let's not add them up, I've still been divorced from my first husband longer than I've been married with all three combined.

Anyway, a year ago I was getting ready to figure out how to pay for a divorce. Now we have decided to give it another year. It would seem that without the interference of my in-laws we get along a bit better. There is no more arguing over the intentional hateful things that they do in order to try and butt in and take over. About eight months ago they did something to prove that I was right about them all along, and things in my marriage slowly got better. Well, it's improving.

We're getting alone better than we have in a long time, and have decided to give it one more year. A year spent working on getting back to where we once were. Only time will tell if it's gonna work but so far we've off to an alright start.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreading the School Supply List

I dread the day that I go to the store and attempt to fit my child's supply list into my budget. It's kind of long for kindergarten. I confirmed the fact that the hand sanitizer on the list is a result of a lack of soap in the bathrooms. That is just gross if I do say so myself and I do.

The list is rather long and includes multiples of a number of items. I found out by asking a tutor that goes to the local schools that unless there is a bathroom in the classroom there is not soap in them. So the hand sanitizer on the list is a must. There are an obscene number of pencils, and I have no idea why there are two boxes of two different count crayons on the list.

On top of the school supplies for the classroom, it's time to buy school clothes again. This means going through her closet and picking out the clothes that do and do not fit her. I know that the pants I bought toward the end of the year should almost fit her now with a belt. The shirts, I'm not sure if they will or not so I am setting aside a couple hours to go through and get her to try them on so I know how many she has.

The budget for school clothes is very slim, and she has to have a new backpack this year. While hers stayed in one piece and worked for two years of school, it took it's toll and managed to start ripping because of the amount of things needed in her bag for the typical day. That number is reducing so I'm hoping that a change of clothes as small as she is will fit in a gallon storage bag and they can put the clothes she messed up back in it. Zipped bags prevent the smell from getting in the bag, and I can put a garbage bag in it.

Well, off to work. I have to earn the money for the supplies and still pay the bills. I should have started sooner but that is a side effect of being spoiled to PHP where they provide everything the children need to learn.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ABA Changes

We recently lost our ABA therapist because she had to move away. Her husband joined the military. He got stationed in Kansas. Two weeks ago we had our last session. Today we went to see the new therapist. She's not new but she's new to Theresa.

Theresa was having a little bit of trouble the last week asking for her other therapist. This morning it only took once to explain that we would be seeing a new therapist this morning. I was impressed that I did not hear any yelling from the room as Theresa made her adjustments.

I was rather impressed by the fact that the therapist while she started slowly did immediately place demands on the child. The change is good for her, but I know she misses the therapist that she had. I'm glad that she did well this morning though.

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Sinking In!

The kid is learning to take turns, and she's doing Kindergarten work. Reading directions on her own even. I'll be filling her back to school supply list soon. In addition to the classrooms supplies I'll need pants for her uniforms and possibly shirts. It depends on what fits her now and what doesn't. I'm putting off going through her room, but I've got less than a month left.

I have no idea when the shopping trip will be. I'm trying to hold out for the tax free weekend. Which I am still not sure when it is. I may not be able to find everything on sale but not paying 9% sales tax will help to cut the bill a good bit.

Anyway, I'm just glad that it's all sinking in for her. I've got to go now and let her work on her educational things for before therapy today.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing for a new ABA Therapist

Well, she's not exactly new but she's new for us to see. Our previous ABA of two years is moving, her husband joined the army. There was a week with the new therapist sitting in on the session, a week without therapy while the two went over the ABLLS (sp) book to see the progress. It served to go over quirks that my daughter has.

In the meantime we have maintained our speech schedule. The speech schedule at the moment is going to be the only thing affected since we took a break from OT over the summer. What? Almost three years of constant therapy later I'm tired. If my child forgets all the OT over the summer then we'll push harder at the beginning of the school year.

The main focus of therapy lately is working on the items in the Kindergarten IEP. IEP = Individualized Educational Plan. She can do the work for the most part the problem is that I put her in a typical classroom where she will be expected to do things on her own for the most part. Well, with the aid of "paraprofessionals" which as near as I can figure translates to teachers aid. I hope.

Well, at the moment I have to come up with my own topics to write about and I'm stuck that's why I'm writing this. This Tuesday we do ABA back to back with speech, that's going to be interesting.

Monday, July 9, 2012


It's easier than it sounds with a five year old and six year years worth of stuff. Actually more than six years worth, it appears that furniture and clothing are the only things I got rid of after my last divorce. They would also be the things that I have replaced. I got up with the intention of merely having all my kid's toys put up and out of the floor to vacuum and do some light cleaning. What changed?

I was up early enough to do some work without interruption in hopes of creating a payday for this Friday. I did some without a problem. The problem came in when I went to check the status of the articles. I had a revision request that said one of the articles did not make sense, it was a bunch of sentences. I was ill beyond belief, so I went about dumping out toy boxes to clean them out and vacuuming the floor as I rearranged the furniture.

Over five hours yesterday spent getting rid of things and cleaning, in my living room. The couch, (worn out with a wire sticking out) was put outside. I was ill about the time I put it at the road because of all things the dog had been pulling the stuffing out of it. He's been wandering so I have to get him a tag with his address on it, plus fence him in so the dog catcher doesn't get him. They'd only know that he's wandering not that he has a home and despite his hyperactivity would be missed.

I went through the toy boxes, I managed to get two medium sized gift bags full of toys that either don't work (or could need batteries), that my kid hasn't played with in forever. I'm hoping this means that we can actually get rid of them. There are more in her room to go through when I get that far. I went through and pulled out the food she had thrown in there to hide, YUCK!

I managed to get my dining table cleaned off and sprayed down to clean the things my kid has stuck to it. It looks much better with a single candle in it now. I'm thinking of getting a candle warmer to get more out of them. I love my candles. I would have to find the time to make up my scraps into candles so I can actually put those up instead of storing the scraps. I'm hoping to pay closer attention the next time though, I managed a small fire last time because I turned the heat up too high.

Today I'm working, going through papers, some of them have been filed long enough. Then I'm attacking either the carpet in the bathroom, (it'll probably weight to be ripped up) or the kid's room. I may attack my closet instead. I found a pair of pants I used to like to wear in a drawer yesterday, they used to be white but things falling into the dresser turned them slightly. I'm not sure how that happened but I'd like it to stop happening. I need to go get dressed and do a bit of work. This place isn't going to declutter itself so I have to do it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time for Labs and Getting Ready to Return to School

It's funny how it's time to take the little ones vitamin D levels again. It seems like it was yesterday but nope, it was just a couple months ago. They get checked on a regular basis since she is on 3,000 I.U. a day. That's the most anyone does, the fact that her levels are not going up lately but instead dropping means that I think it's time to get a dose that is delivered in 3,000 I.U. at a time so I know she gets the whole dose. We'll see after today's results get back. It's been hit and miss with the supplements since her teeth because lose.

I found bread cut in the shape of gold fish yesterday. So in an effort to get my child to eat more of what was in front of her I got a pack that makes eight sandwiches for a $1. That's not bad what is bad is that I paid over $3 each for tuna salad and another cheesy like sandwich spread just because it's hot out. The tuna salad I could make myself I suppose since I keep eggs. Two cans of tuna, one egg, some onion, green pepper, relish and mayonnaise are simple enough to keep on hand.

In the heat I have decided that I will be going to the grocery store every couple days after therapy instead of keeping a bunch of stuff on hand that we're not likely to eat. I saw bowls for my one remaining cat, Sylvester, and my lab mix puppy Johnny yesterday. The biggest problem is hoping that Johnny doesn't take his food dish off somewhere. The cat bowls will mean the cat is less likely to leave his food uneaten for Johnny to eat when he rushes in the house.

Poor Johnny is supposed to get a bath today, he likes baths better than storms.  Poor thing it won't be long before he needs a new collar at the rate he's going. I have to get him one with my phone number on it so someone can call if he runs away, although he is amazingly loyal to me. He gets upset when he gets put outside because he can't behave in the house. I need a larger house for him or maybe a small one with less stuff in it.

Well, my worst half's alarm is going off signaling that is it is time to end this and get ready to get the little terror that is my five year old up.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Relearning Everything

In the years since childhood I've become spoiled to things such as central heating and air conditioning. Both of these modern conveniences are just that, there used to be no such thing. Fire places, wood burning stoves and eventually window units were the normal items used in every home. Recent events have led me to purchase a window unit, which will have company shortly. Eventually the bedrooms will each have a small one and the living room a slightly larger one, hopefully on the backside of this place to avoid the heat.

I am doing a lot of manual labor, the problem is that no one seems to remember the days when manual labor was the only choice there was. I think that everyone has to relearn things from time to time but I'm having to relearn on top of learning things that I never had the chance to learn before.

I am attempting to take measurements for minor and major repairs while attending to therapy needs for an Autistic child and working hours that some days amount to slave labor. I am behind once again in my savings goals because of unpredictable breakdowns. I have decided that there are some things I can do like using Murpay for gas purchases to make it cheaper, but that is only one thing.

I cancelled ABCmouse.com because while it is only $8 a month my computer shut down whenever the kid would use it. I can't tell if she did it or if the site had a bug she picked up from something. So a month or two without it to see if she was clicking something or if the site is doing it. If it continues to do it without the site then we can get the subscription back. She may have to start over but that's OK too.

Oh well, enough rambling it's time to make out a schedule for the week ahead. I have spreadsheets, repairs, family plans and of course a book to work on.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation Sorta Of

I refuse to do any work the next few days that is not strictly my own as I have a ton of things to do. My kid has therapy needs and she will not be in therapy for about a week. We have a ton of things at home we can do while she's out and I have some house keeping to do. Her father "bless his heart" would not be very good at actually doing things. He thinks he is but he isn't and being in the land that time forgot ignorant people look at me as if it's my job to do it all regardless of whether it truly is or not.

I realized I have three books started at the moment. I would like to finish at least one of them. One of them is too personal and the other two may be combined if I can figure out how. I will finish at least one of them. Probably the one I am writing by hand and will end up editing by hand before it ever sees my word processor. There is no danger of losing the file, it is fiction and it taking the direction it sees fit.

The kid is playing with change and we have our last therapy session before the holiday soon. I better get going.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Entertaining the Kid in the Store

Well, what was supposed to be a quick trip to Wal-mart recently turned into a three hour tour of the Gillian's Island kind thanks to a thunderstorm. We went in search of a swimsuit in case she wanted to get in the pool this summer. She can't swim so we were looking for a specific suit and a birthday present. We found one of the two along with a number of other items we didn't actually need but would come in handy. Actually we found me a suit and her a beach towel.

We walked around the store for a couple hours as she helped me to pick out a suit and we talked about all the displayed. We even checked the shelves for a birthday present which we did not find that day. Actually I'd later discover that we found it but we weren't sure at the time that was what we wanted to get the person we went shopping for.

A few days later a trip to the grocery store, while not make longer by storms ended up with a need to entertain the kid. Her choice of entertainment?

She wants to push the shopping cart as fast as she can. It's kinda fun to see how many obstacles we can avoid when we're in the store. She uses the opportunity to name every thing that she sees along the way and in some cases what food group it falls into.

Well, time to go back to work for now. This afternoon we stop to get gas and a gallon of milk that is our only errand today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Happens Ready or Not

I am in a fairly good place right now. I have managed to reopen my savings account which is a big plus. The way that it came about was long coming. I sold my Rodeo. I managed to get half of it to reopen my savings account and get a couple things taken care of.

I also came to the realization of why I had left private clients behind a year or so ago to focus on my own writing. The demands of private clients that do not realize they are not the only client I may have or that I do writing of my own are many. The stress that lack of realization causes has been numerous.

The stress made me physically ill then and it is doing it now with confusion over deadlines, communication is sometimes lacking over what else there is to do. I want to leave private clients behind all together but at this point I don't think that I will again, at least not yet. I simply have to remember to take the summers off to devote myself fully to my child and her needs.

The last two summers I took the majority of off. At least I only worked last summer when I absolutely needed to in order to keep focus on my child. Twelve days into the summer vacation, (more actually) and I have not gotten anything done that I should have with her. Only rewarding proper behavior with games.

I still sit up late a lot of nights but that has to stop. Next year we have to get earlier for school, actually in less than three full months we have to do that. I'm still wondering how we are going to manage to get to therapy and not miss a lot of school. Well, I'll cross that bridge closer to the end of the year or beginning of the school year rather. This is a time when rest would be nice but we have a vacation of sorts coming up to start figuring it out. Hopefully it will not take long.

The baby is already losing baby teeth and getting permanent teeth. That just makes me want to cry at the thought of her leaving home.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I spent the first few hours of Mother's Day sleeping in out of exhaustion, another few working and then I made an attempt at a nap. While I was working I managed to watch part of a movie that I got interested in but not interested in enough to fight the exhaustion that was calling me to lay down. When I woke up or rather gave up on getting to sleep "Mommy Dearest" was on. I've seen bits and pieces of it, the early years it covers bore me half to death.

So I decided to look at the weekly sales papers to see what the sales cycles looked like. The fact that I may or may not be able to go to the grocery store before the end of the sale is something that I tried not to think about. The sale actually didn't look that bad.

The fact that I did not have the money to purchase a news paper was only a minor inconvenience. I recently talked to someone that started a coupon group. I have not had the money to purchase a paper or the gas to go get it if I had the money. I also have not had the ink to print out coupons from the Internet. I at least intend to stop paying so much for things regardless of how much I may need them.

I attempted to go back to using coupons last summer but it did not work out exactly as I planned. I decided that I can give it one more try, the ultimate goal would be to get paid to shop like those people that are featured on Extreme Couponing I do not have as much time as they do in order to achieve that however. They do say to stick to one grocery store and one pharmacy in order to get the most effective use of the shopping methods. This is going to be fun to figure out all over again. I don't even remember how to use coupons anymore.

Well, that was Mother's Day I hope that it was enjoyable to you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Move That Will Change My Life

Yes, I am making a move that is going to change my life as I know it. At least parts of it. I am looking at rentals at the moment because circumstances demand that I move. I have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last six years, I've been here approximately twelve but I did a complete clean out about seven or so years ago. I then started over once again, and I'll be doing it again.

How do I begin?

The first thing that I am doing is to get rid of all the clothes that we cannot or do not actually wear. The baby's clothes are going to a friend with a new baby so she can have clothes on hand when she gets into that size while still focusing on her oldest child with Autism with less worry. Our clothes will be going in the donation box or cut up for rags to use until everything else is ready depending on the condition that they are in.

Why the change?

Well, that is a rather long story filled with busy bodies and liars so I'll skip ahead to the financial aspects of the issue. The fact is that even if I manage to get rid of all the busy bodies and liars that have found their way into my orbit I can no longer afford to live here. It's getting ridiculous and starting to out run my income just to cover basic expenses. I'll show you just how much it's costing me for basic needs and compare it to rental costs for you.

No at the current time I do not have rent or mortgage expenses what I have is a ton of repair work and an outrageous light bill to take care of. I am tired and I believe that leaving this place to be torn down, sold or whatever else may come of it is best at this point.

What do I have to do?

I have to get the money together for pet deposits, collars for all three of the pets and take the dog to the clinic to make sure that he has his shots. A fenced in yard is a must unless the place I find to move has a room that I can leave the dog in to keep him from getting in the yard. He likes to be inside but he needs some manners first. He's a bit hyper. He'll be getting a bath soon so that he stops smelling like a wet dog. He has puppy pads but they are in the way here. He needs somewhere he can have his own room, or at least his own corner of a room without being too closed in.

I have to take care of my truck too. A junk dealer would be the best option for that.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I actually managed to get Easter Weekend off, I took off early Friday and had no work to do whatsoever on Saturday and Sunday! I was excited, until I realized I had to clean the house but that's a small price to pay for time off with the kid. I forced her to color and hunt eggs for me.

I discovered that I am surrounded by a child, a grown man, two cats and a dog that would all apparently rather starve to death than eat something that isn't exactly what they want that at any given time. I give up, it is not unreasonable for people to eat what they have even if it is not what they want at that exact moment in time.

I spent the weekend doing laundry, dishes, creating spreadsheets and picking up children's toys. It was a bit productive after all. I discovered that the new lab puppy is rather loyal to whoever is doing anything involving food and he is like a tiny little vacuum cleaner when it comes to dropping food or spilling things on your shirt. He's a sweet little thing after all even if he did scare me half to death by refusing to eat for a few days because he wanted something different and the cat gave him his cold. Long story, and not that funny.

Well, it's time to do something work related I'm sure and I hope to fit in some house keeping so I never spend another weekend off catching up on what was neglected as I worked.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preparations for the 2012-2013 School Year

We did the IEP meeting, and well it was easier than expected. We now have language, reading and math goals. There will be two therapies and special education services provided that little bit is pulled out of class for but there is no aid. Instead we're going to attempt to use the "para professionals" as they're called to get her through the year. We'll give it a chance, and then if I am not satisfied "I" will be calling for a review of the IEP.

I have been working regularly; by regularly I mean that there are no gaps between projects. Funny, things keep tearing up around here faster than I can earn. I have come to the conclusion that I would like the bottom of this place bricked around to prevent air from getting under it.

I am expecting payment on the work from the last two weeks today.....it's not much for two weeks but it's all I could manage to fit in and still sleep at some point. I will taking this weekend off for Easter.

Well, I"m too tired to say anymore and it's nearly time for shorty to see a therapist, so I'm going to go for now.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I would be rather flustered at the upcoming week. It's not that I do not want to go to the appointments this week, I don't but I will. They are important but the price of gas is starting to get to me. It's almost $4 a gallon here again, yes I know some areas are already experiencing it but I can't take it. The price was too high for me at $3 a gallon and now it's eating into my budget.

I am working as much as I can around therapy, there is not much time to do anything else but I am not completely ready to pull my hair out at the lack of time yet. I have to invoice again on the first but that is about a week away which will give me more income.......I'm working on next week's schedule so that I know what to do. I have to do laundry, cut grass and find time for myself.

Next Day

After a few hours of trying to figure it out we came to the conclusion that I would be off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to allow rest to cover the weekend this weekend. That works well, Wednesday is my busiest day so I can not do a lot and short deadlines like the ones coming up would be out. The weekends are slower but I could actually do short deadlines within a few hours.

Apparently these pay more because they are irritating to do, (her words not mine). I haven't seen them yet.

Well I"m off to start my day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Never Enough Time

OK the kiddo needs to find time to do homework I have no idea how to fit more hours into her day. She is five years old and has an appointment everyday of the week. Next month we do her labs again, I have a feeling that I am tired of the labs because part of me would be doubting my decision to put her on the supplements in the first place. This is a strange place for me to be.

I would be tired from the constant working around everything but she is flourishing in her environment. There are days when I feel extremely irritable because instead of spending time with her work has come in that has to be done. She adores kid's shows and doing learning activities on her own so that is one plus that makes me feel the tiniest bit less guilty.

The goal was to stay home with her and I have done that but I have not done it the way that I intended. Instead of work from home so when I'm home I'm not always home. I can hear her giving herself therapy as I pound away on my keyboard to earn a living most days. I have managed to take extended periods of time off from private clients in the past but now it is not possible. I have one steady client at the moment but it's starting to resemble one that I left when I first started. I worked for her for a few months but soon the fact that she sent work at all hours of the day and work that was due the day after I was supposed to have an entire day off began to irritate me.

To me the day off means that you do not even send me things to look at. OK so I'm a bit picky in that regard but I can not help it when I tell you it's time for my kids it's time for my kids. I'm thinking of another blog but that might not be such a good idea. . I would start a website but the time to build it and keep it updated would be something that I can not figure out.

OK there is a need to come up with the filing fee for the divorce and figure out how to fit more hours into the day once again as a single mother.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy Gets Sick

Yes, mommy gets sick too. Only when mommy gets sick things can fall apart if she does not dictate from the sick bed. It was so simple when it began, a day off work to rest which I planned to spend sleeping. Instead I found myself opening various web pages in hopes of getting tired enough to sleep as my child ran around playing and jumping on things beyond my control. Lovely, but yes her father was watching her........run back and forth that is.

The high point was that he realized he needed to remain inside to watch her instead of doing auto repairs. YAY! He has half a brain, that is a good point at least. He had no clue about the laundry or the dishes but that can be rectified when I am stronger.

The weekend off was nice, I slept some but I kept getting up to surf the Internet because I was bored.  Little bit entertained herself with her cards but we didn't get much homework done. She's having trouble with the "what's wrong cards" I think it may be the setup or the fact that some of those things she has never seen in person. She's never been swimming so she may not know you don't were boots. That could be it. I can hope that's it, it's almost time to make sure that she can swim.

I have to make it clear that I do not intentionally work late into the night and that I do not care to get work sent in the middle of the night if it can be avoided. I do not intend to stay up late just because something came in in the middle of the night. That is just ridiculous. This hours are what made me sick and I have to correct it.

OK I"m rambling and complaining now so I'll be going. I'm getting something that may make potty training shorty easier. I'm going to check on my food now that I've got this update posted, and I may work on my own stuff a little while. I don't feel like going back to work just yet.

Friday, March 9, 2012


The kiddo had her last in clinic OT session, and in two weeks she gets a new OT in the school system. We'll find out in two weeks if the kid understands that. She's used to therapist leaving this is the fifth or sixth OT we've had when you include the school system. Well, two in the school system and four privately so since she's one of those it makes fifth. The re-evaluation is already done and the IE goals for the new year (kindergarten) all set.

We have homework from therapy now, not simply the things that we are learning but visuals to aid in the process. We are going over Who questions for speech, we've covered what all ready. "WH" questions were in her IEP for the last two and a half years. We also have error trials to do for ABA in order to check on past skills and place them in the VP MAPP book to show where she is on skills. Now we're working on dressing and we have to work on writing legibility. I still have to buy tablets and regular notebook paper.

I would be so lost right now that it's not even funny. I'm no way prepared to send my baby off to Kindergarten; two and a half years ago at the age of three I was not ready to send her to preschool either but I had too. There are days I still don't want to send her to school because I'd rather have her home with me.

OK this is actually kind of depressing so I'm gonna go see if there is anything that I forgot to prepare for tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things to Go Over

Well the ABA session is coming up for this week and there are notes on the back of my data sheets of what to go over with her. There is an issue with the reward system for my child since sometimes the thing she wants the most is the one thing that she can not have at that moment in time. We need a work around, I think that having a bin she can choose from when she does the task might work. MIGHT, that's what I need to go over with the therapist this next session.

The yard needs cutting and gas prices are rising meaning I need to go over my budget. I am in the middle of a large project that lasts through November, the good part is that if I hold out I can collect enough to cover a couple months worth of bills and breath easy for a little bit. 

I am writing my own articles in between the articles for the project in an effort to have income to supplement while I wait for the completion. I don't know why but I think a large payment would be beneficial to me. The auto insurance will be due for six months at the time the project is set to end and paying it for the full term would save me money on the total cost in addition to giving me more money in my pocket each month.

I have to clean up the house, there is the need to replace a length of duct work under the house. I plan to do that soon. I also plan to find out why the heat only works in the on position instead of in the auto position so that it is on constantly when it is in use. By morning it is like a sauna in here and I turn it off immediately when I get up no matter what the temperature is outside. I should be doing yard work right now but I have no idea where the tools are at the moment.

I am searching for a reel lawnmower to see if I can find one that I can half way afford in order to make it easier to cut the grass. By easier I mean to make it more affordable with the rising cost of gasoline that is making it next to impossible right now. I am working on figuring out how to cut the grass once a week until then.

OK I have to go now. There is a lot of work waiting for me and I need to get to it. I also need to organize everything so I have it ready for the ABA to ensure that all my points are covered in this one session. At least part of them, I think we have time since school lets out in a few months. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Realistic

Last week our ABA therapist had a problem with the time. More like she was almost a half hour late and full of excuses about being thrown off by the events of the day. Since in two years time she's never done that before we'll take her word for it. I have data sheets to do that are not fitting in with the reality that is my life. (Makes note to discuss the fact that I work for a living during the next session.)

I need my kid to function, I also have no choice but to work. At the moment this blog posting would be my break from running back and forth from the beginnings of an article to house cleaning. This is getting old. I'm tired of staying up late at night just to get up early in the morning and start all over. I am in the middle of trying to schedule everything.

I have to make time for my own work while I work on this project for 600 articles and getting my child to learn new skills. I am hoping to hold off on payment until I finish and get the entire payment at once. That way I will have the money for a few months worth of bills and can let it earn interest while I work on other things. I have my book on the back burner. I pulled it out to work on a week ago, there was something that I need to add to it. I have another one a fictional one started because the story in the first one is far from over.

I am going to get better at updating these too. I am going to try anyway. I watched a twilight zone where a man did not realize until the very end that his benefactor was in fact Hitler. That was a shock to say the least of course there were clues though the entire thing.

Well, so far I'm rambling and I'm tired. I'll be going for now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is Still Happening

The school bus will start bringing little bit home earlier buying us more time for lunch. I am losing weight but not gaining muscle mass, I need to exercise more. I can do that, I'll start using my weights more regularly and taking walks. That will be easy enough. I am wondering if I can lose enough weight to get down to a size 10, my friends are all smaller than that but that'll make me happy. I need to get some muscles built up. Health is the first priority.

I am making some promises to me. They are small so I can keep them without worrying that I may be missing something. I need to lose some weight to make it down to a size 10 but I think that I'll start with a goal of losing twenty pounds in the next six months. That's safe and reasonable. I'll start with a goal of taking a walk twice a week around the property and using my weights three times a week. The rest of the exercises have to be worked up to. I will attempt to stop smoking once again, I may invest in another electronic cigarette kit though.

I think I want to fit into a bikini. The last time I was small enough my chest was too big but with the recent unexpected weight loss that might not be a problem for long.

The divorce filing fees were eaten by my computer purchase but I can earn them all over again. I have the papers and I still need to proof them. I also need a new tank for my well I have to get those numbers again.

I'm lost so I'm going to find myself. See you later.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reducing Therapy!!!!!!!!!

It's been just over two years since little bits diagnosis was finalized. In December of 2009 we began a series of therapies, including Occupational Therapy. Now in two weeks since we have managed to go to every other week in the clinic we will eliminate that session. That means that little bit will get the therapy but only once a week in school instead of having two sessions with the clinic included. This summer we do not have to go to the sessions at all! All we have to do is reinforce what she has learned and make her do what she can. 

That eliminates a half hour from our therapy schedule! I'm so glad but at the same time it seems like it happened rather fast. Oh well, good news is good news! I'm going to work now so I can get a treat to celebrate when we complete our last session.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day Out

Yesterday was my birthday so instead of worrying about the bills we went out. Little bit discovered Checkers and found that the french fries there are in her world superior. She ate the small order that came with her kids meal, some of her dad's and half of mine. When we got home from shopping (I spent too much but only got what I needed, and it was fun!) she was still asking for Checkers.

Later yesterday sometime in the evening the mechanic called. The car was ready, he had gotten to it just as he promised.$30 for the labor since we took the part to him and supplied the brake fluid. 

Yesterday morning she did math worksheets for me! Apparently that was my present. We are doing math for one of the therapist, I would be printing worksheets without a million things going on because confusing a child isn't how the skills they possess should be tested. 

Well, I have the pages I wanted printed and it's time to go check on  my work for the day. Until next time remember it's your child NOT theirs to make decisions for.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It is what it is and that's all there is.....

OK life is life and things happen whether you're prepared or not. I got paid for the project I did, an extra article will be paid on the next project. Nice. That's money that will come when I need it more.

We did rescheduling for speech. Now to figure out the ABA schedule and to figure out what the OT is doing when school starts in the fall. She already went to every other week with us. This is the last year of the preschool and next year we'll be in kindergarten all day long. 

Well, on the bright side I can work during the day. On the not so bright side I don't want her to go. I wanted her home with me until time to start school, but the Autism diagnosis made that day come two and a half years sooner. She went to preschool at 3. That's two years before she would have. 

I'm not sure what to do next but I have very little time to decide. I don't want her in the public school system, I can't work and home school. I can't afford private school.

Well, I'm off to think about these things. I'm not looking forward to these decisions. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

School/Therapy Supplies

I have a few dozen therapy supplies that need to be sorted out for my little one. Some she no longer needs but would enjoy others she is possessive of and still others we have not gotten to yet. It is time to organize them. Then there are the school supplies (namely uniforms) that I have to buy for the next school year.

I am attempting to set money aside to purchase them since she may grow between now and then. Uniforms are the worst thing that the school system ever did to my wallet, the teachers to do not wear the same attire as the children and I do not think that is fair. That is another story though. She’s going to need a new backpack to carry her extra clothes and work that is sent home from school in this year. Her backpack is in its second year of use and starting to look worn.

She needs dry erase markers for her white board, lined tablets to write on. (Still haven’t found the pages that you can print); new books to read and hopefully allow me to donate some of the older ones she has read to the clinic for other kids to enjoy. Then there is the tiny table she still fits out as she gets bigger she is going to need a desk to do her work at. I had one although I didn’t see much of it but that’s a long story.

I’m hoping that I don’t miss the sales this year for supplies. I really want to see the tax free weekend for buying her uniforms. I just need enough to get her through a week at a time so I can wash them all at once and be done with it. She has two pairs of pants, two jumpers and three polo shirts in addition to a few dozen pairs of shorts to wear to school this year. The shorts she can wear around the house when they get too worn to wear to school.

Crayons, construction paper, play dough and pencils alone with half a dozen other things add up very quickly. I better get back to work before I go broke thinking about them. 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Weekends were once spent working for others, then searching for work when the constant stress of too much work went to not having any work. I can’t find a happy medium. Now weekends are dedicated to doing my own thing such as updating blogs, reading or writing about things that I want to unless of course I have a client with a looming deadline.

I want to spend my weekends resting as they were meant; at least for those that work a Monday through Friday week. I rearranged my schedule a bit so that I work inside writing or keeping the house when it rains and can be in the yard cleaning it up one last time. This time when I get everything gone there will be nothing else brought in without approval.

The recycling has to be gathered up to go off during the week since they only stay open until noon on Saturdays. I have been looking at the recycling and the fact that my garbage cans that hold it no longer have lids and thinking that I need to invest in a few large ones that come with lids in order to have it sealed away from the rain and becoming difficult to move. I am searching for ones that I can afford with wheels and locking lids. The additional costs will cover themselves when I am not in pain from trying to lift things too heavy and awkward to maneuver.

I manage to find time to read on the weekends now. Not much but a little my reading and personal writing was once limited to the time spent in therapy waiting rooms. I now make it a point to read a little bit each day of the week whether in therapy or not. I read from my Kindle for PC app while at home until I can get a portable reader and still read traditional books while in the therapists. I get to read twice as many books as I would have otherwise now.

The kid gets to be a kid (for the most part), we still have work for her on weekends but it is not as intense since she works so hard all week long with preschool and therapy sessions that never seem to end. What do you do on weekends?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Searching for Beds

Yes, I am in search of beds. Theresa has learned that she can climb in her crib (sometime ago) and this is now translating to attempts to climb out of it to get a book that she wants. She is in need of a new mattress and it turns into a day bed. The problem with it turning into a day bed is that I’m afraid either she won’t stay in it at bedtime or the constant tossing and turning she does to get situated during the night will result in her falling out of it. I am in need of a new bed as well but that is a different story all together.

The problem I have is that her room is small. She already has another bed but it is the bottom half of a bunk bed set. I am afraid that she will fall out of it since it is a bit higher off the ground that I would like. I have thought about putting rails around it but then I am afraid that she will climb them.

I’d like her to have a cute bed but my budget is only allowing for practical at this point. I still need to rearrange her room. I’m thinking instead of buying myself a new bed I’ll simply use the one from the bunk beds until it wears out. I’m wondering if I know anyone talented enough to build her a frame if I simply purchase her a mattress and box springs. Given her love of climbing I’m a good mind to set them on the floor with rails around them so she’s less likely to fall out or knock it down jumping.

Her OCD tendencies will not allow me to rearrange her room. I have tried and it upsets her, so I have to be slow and careful about what I do in her room.

Ok off to search for a solution that satisfies us both.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoping for a Refund

I am hoping for a much needed tax refund this year. It’s going to have to stretch a long way no matter how small it may be. I will get a portion of it thanks to injured spouse filing. Child support will eat the rest but that’s not a surprise since my soon to be ex (provided I can come up with the filing fee, sort out the details and move on hassle free) had an income reduction when he finally found work after two years of being unemployed. The unemployment he got was more than he makes now, which is rather ridiculous if I do say so myself.

In past years refunds have paid off bills, bought much needed items and made repairs. I’m afraid this year will be no different. I do wish that I could bank all of them. That would give me enough to live at least a year off of the refunds alone if they had not been needed in other areas in the past.

I have to hunt down siding. I want vinyl. I need a roof. I want metal. I do not like the way my home was designed and I need to fix my shed so it can in fact be used for storage. I’d love to buy an additional shed, but building one provided I have the sense and the energy to get it done might be more practical.

In the meantime I take measurements and make plans. Any refund will not be enough to cover all my needs but it will be a start. My truck needs an oil change and new tires. Those must come first even though I hope to get rid of it this year and replace it with something smaller, economical and cozy. I will need a small trailer to haul things but that can be worked out. So can making arrangements for someone with a truck to haul my recycling to the local center for me.

In the meantime I keep hoping for a nice surprise in the form of a refund check. I’ll hope more when I finally get all the forms I need in order to file my taxes. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

One Nail at a Time

Yes, one nail at a time is how we (my soon to be ex and I) will be fixing the irritations that are surrounding us. I am not looking forward to climbing a ladder as he holds siding and boards for me to nail but if that's the way it must be then so be it. I am going to give up on moving, at least for the moment and focus on proving a point. The point is that we can and do take care of things without help from others the majority of the time. We will only have a few hours to work and we have to gather a lot of supplies in one place but that's fine too. There is one window pane in need of replacement but it can not be replaced until it is sunny and dry. It won't set and seal otherwise, while the pane is only $20 I think for that size having to replace it twice would irritate me a great deal.

Then there are the cosmetic issues inside, that I do believe I will take care of with my own little twist. I am tired of having walls all one color, so I do believe I'll be painting in sections. Only this time I won't be in such a hurry and will take the time to get the tape to prevent painting things that I never intended to paint just because I was in a rush. There is the issue of curtains or blinds. I have cats and a child, not safe for blinds. The last time I put blinds in every room I spent a small fortune just to have them just to have them be torn up completely less than a year later.  Leave it to little hands full of curiosity. I'm off to figure out what I'm doing first.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Happens

Yes, life does happen sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. You take it as it comes and you let the little things go. At least that's what people tell you to do but sometimes it's the little things that annoy you the most. How do you let the things that cause you to grind your teeth and give you enormous headaches go? You don't, instead you let go of the people that create the little things. For better or for worse I'm sure did not include meddling parents that do everything they possibly can to ruin your life and make up things when they can not find a legitimate complaint other than you are a grown-up that has the right to their own lives.

We all grow up and hopefully we make our own decisions along the way. There are those that do not believe we should do the things that we do but they respect the fact that they are our choices to make. Then there are those that do not and we need to head them off at the pass. Making it clear what the role they have and the role they do not have in your life from the start is the best route for these people or they tend to walk all over you. When these people came with people that you chose to have in your life getting them out can be tricky; it can mean that you have no choice but to let go of someone that you wanted in your life for a long time.

You do what you have to hoping that the ones you hurt unintentionally along the way eventually forgive you. Sometimes you have no choice but to give your life a complete overhaul and rid yourself of all those that would cause you pain intentionally.