Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Experiences for the Kid

The kid had two field trips this week; the first to the movies and to the pizza place. The second just to the movies she did good with the first one, not sure about the second yet. It should be going on about the time this posts.

She came home Monday and was able to tell us that she had pizza. Now as long as I don't get excited and tell anyone about it noone will try to make me feel guilty that after three years, endless hours of therapy, millions of hours of lost sleep and a ton of crap I couldn't afford to begin with that my almost six year old consistantly functions at a three year old level.

So I'm a friend short these days, no big deal. I didn't deserve the hateful response I got to a simple yes or no question of whether or not her and her son had left the  movie without seeing it. Seriously for all I knew some crazied freak was in the theater or something. Oh well, without her there is no ignorant husband, ex-husband roomate, baby daddy jackass to deal with. I'll be nice and pretend I didn't understand his rude ass, innappropriate thinly veiled threat of a comment. Once.

Well, that's all. The kid is having a fairly good week, over the holiday vacation I plan to attempt to go get her long, beautiful hair cut off because the sight of a hairbrush sends her into a panic.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Changes, Changes and More Changes

There have been a lot of changes over the past year, and the changes are continuing. Some are good, some are not so good and some make me want to pull my hair out. To put it in focus, one of the highlights of the week was finding Kraft mayonnaise for 99 cents. I don't particularly care for mayonnaise so this was strange.

I had to drop ABA for the moment because the expense was no longer in my budget. Now I have a small packet from the therapist for the next set of skills in the ABLLs so that I can go over them with the kid. They're simple skills that would otherwise be overlooked because of the rest of her skills being above them. Now to manage to include the actual time to sit down and teach the skills in a format outside a controlled environment instead of merely reinforcing the skills outside of the environment.

The fact that I now have to go to the laundromat every week thanks to technical difficulty with the washing machine would be an annoyance. I have a week of school uniforms for the kid, which means I need to buy her more. I also need to get the stain remover and a load of whites together. She has a white long sleeve shirt that she can wear to school, but in the condition it is in it can only be worn under her jumper on a cold day. Little kid's love attract stains. The previously white shirt has brown stains on it.

I have attempted a number of times to go through her clothes and get out what is to small or to short for her. It's taking a great deal of time. I'm also attempting to get the ones that she has grown into somewhere I can find them after school and on weekends. I'm still hunting for additional uniforms, the goal is to have two weeks worth, some larger sizes for next year. Then I can put her clothes in the washing machine alone. That would ideal.

Well, I have work to do and another blog to update.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Short Kid and Ice Cream Money

Well, last week that short blonde kid had to take her snack to school and do without her ice cream money. She was in trouble for not doing her homework correctly, or rather not doing it to her abilities to complete the task at hand. She can write all of her letters fairly legible and correctly, (mostly) but last week she refused to even try. It was a game to her so her ice cream money she lost. Yes, I am aware that she is only 5 but she went into Kindergarten with the ability to write sentences, (we spent the last year of OT working on them) so I expect her to actually form her letters legibly instead of just scattering lines on paper.

This weekend she found her little "Homework Helper" and formed the letters she had merely made passing attempts at last week legibly and correctly. So she earned her ice cream money back, she can still lose it again but so far she has it for school. She is still taking her snack for a while though. It saves a little bit of money to allow her rewards for being good when we go out. 

This weekend for example, Sunday afternoon was spent in the laundromat. Well, she behaved like an angel as I washed, rewashed, dried and folded my clothes. Then we went to the Dollar General and the grocery store. She had behaved so well in the laundromat (without benefit of toys taken with her) that I let her pick a reward. She chose a box of 24 count Crayola crayons. She hasn't had new crayons at home for some time so that was a good choice to go with her coloring books she already has. We also picked up a small pack of dry erase markers so she can practice sentences on her lined dry erase board. Dad said he wanted ice cream before we left and the short blonde kid agreed but she wanted ice cream sandwiches. So I got a thing of Rocky Road and a box of ice cream sandwiches. 

I'll be examining Friday's sales this week and planning for the next two weeks budget this week. I'm going through her clothes little by little getting rid of the ones that are too small. (Donation box down the road.) That should take up most of the mornings this week to make sure I have enough to fill at least three or four small bags. There are some that need washing and those are going in the dirty clothes. That is this weeks project (aside from writing/rewriting my own articles, some editing and figuring out what to do with the book I trashed. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A visit to the School

I will be making a visit to the school today. No there is not a problem at the moment, I will be there to do the Accelerated Reading program with the baby. Her and one other child from her class, I think. I will be learning what I am doing today. This is going to be interesting, twice a week I will be at the school. She has had time to settle in without me and now it's time to interrupt her day a little bit. 

She's in a bit of trouble this week so we thought that taking her out of P.E. for a while a couple days might make it better. It's a long story, and we're working to correct it. While I never put anything past her I'm not sure she knows what she did and if she had an aid with her it would not have happened. This is a fact that I have no doubt about. Today will give me a chance hopefully to see the gym setup because I do not think that it is an environment that is going to work for her. 

Well, I had the visit to the school, the little girl that the teacher put with Theresa is the cutest, sweetest little thing. She's never met a stranger, talkative as can be and kept trying to help Theresa which was too cute. When I got there they were standing outside the gym while the rest of the class went in and the little girl had her arm around Theresa who was holding the stuffed Clifford from the classroom. 

While I was there I found out that Theresa had not bothered to eat all day, only drink. The teacher thought she had a sore throat, I thought she felt warm but she had just been outside. The teacher had thought she felt warm too, but we didn't think she was warm enough to have a fever. Well she fell asleep on me, but when it was time to get up the little girl with her volunteer to help get her up. She also volunteered to help her at the water fountain and in the bathroom to make sure that she was OK. Kids today are smart and sweet. 

The little girl with Theresa has the prettiest name, and wouldn't you know I can't spell it. Of course it is almost 5 am and Theresa is asking for starfall. She's out of school until Friday, doctors orders. She had 100.8 by the time we got there and she isn't looking like she feels well at all. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

School is Going Well So Far

Well, it's Friday which means the first week of school is coming to an end. So far so good, only a few bumps in the road.

The past four days my little angel has come home from school dry. Despite being on a schedule to go every hour at the school she still refuses to use the bathrooms there. What ends up happening is that she holds it eight to nine hours at a time just to end up having an accident because she cannot hold it any longer and won't go in the potty. Either way after trying to potty train for over three years now with every bit of progress ending up lost resulting in having to start completely over. 

At one point we had to start over with her learning to pull her own pants up and down. She has used the potty a handful of times in the last few years those were victories. Now we are attempting to get her to use the potty when she needs to, and express the need to go so she can ask to be excused in class.

I am told (through email updates from the teacher) that she is adjusting well. She has only gotten in trouble once for blurting things out during gym class and just like everyone else that breaks the rules she did not get to go to recess that day. (Since we started with so few words, the blurting out in class is a victory.) The next day she really tried and the coach could tell that she was trying so she got to go to recess. She adores playgrounds and gets to go to them so little.

The baby gets up in the mornings now and gets dressed right before going to starfall.com to learn something before she goes to school. This also makes it easier for me to fix her hair since she is less likely to flop around. Well, as far as the rest goes her conduct grade was "S" for satisfactory. I am pleased with that.

She also did the "1, 2, 3" that her teacher uses to get the kids up and out the door independently. 1 = stand up, 2 = push your chair under, 3 = line up. The children get to pick who goes after them on the Smart board at the front of the room, Theresa picked a friend without prompting and seemed to be pleased with her choice. The special education teacher says that Theresa has done everything they have asked her to. So far everyone is pleased and pleasantly surprised. 

Maybe the choice to let her go without an aide was the right one after all. We'll see as time goes on. Right now I'm still adjusting to her being gone so long at one time and having all day to work while I clean up. 

At the moment I hope payday is today and that the money transfers in time for me to be able to do the laundry and finish paying the bills before Monday. I think she has one more uniform to get her by if it happens to end up being Monday before I can do laundry. Transfers can take a while, the later in the day the transfer is made the more likely it is to be Monday before I have my money.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ABA Changes

We recently lost our ABA therapist because she had to move away. Her husband joined the military. He got stationed in Kansas. Two weeks ago we had our last session. Today we went to see the new therapist. She's not new but she's new to Theresa.

Theresa was having a little bit of trouble the last week asking for her other therapist. This morning it only took once to explain that we would be seeing a new therapist this morning. I was impressed that I did not hear any yelling from the room as Theresa made her adjustments.

I was rather impressed by the fact that the therapist while she started slowly did immediately place demands on the child. The change is good for her, but I know she misses the therapist that she had. I'm glad that she did well this morning though.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing for a new ABA Therapist

Well, she's not exactly new but she's new for us to see. Our previous ABA of two years is moving, her husband joined the army. There was a week with the new therapist sitting in on the session, a week without therapy while the two went over the ABLLS (sp) book to see the progress. It served to go over quirks that my daughter has.

In the meantime we have maintained our speech schedule. The speech schedule at the moment is going to be the only thing affected since we took a break from OT over the summer. What? Almost three years of constant therapy later I'm tired. If my child forgets all the OT over the summer then we'll push harder at the beginning of the school year.

The main focus of therapy lately is working on the items in the Kindergarten IEP. IEP = Individualized Educational Plan. She can do the work for the most part the problem is that I put her in a typical classroom where she will be expected to do things on her own for the most part. Well, with the aid of "paraprofessionals" which as near as I can figure translates to teachers aid. I hope.

Well, at the moment I have to come up with my own topics to write about and I'm stuck that's why I'm writing this. This Tuesday we do ABA back to back with speech, that's going to be interesting.