Thursday, December 29, 2011

That's Not What I Wanted

Theresa has a new Disney Princess Puzzle. It is 46 pieces and three feet. She asked for it this morning and as I was in the floor attempting to get her started on it she said "Mommy's Princess Puzzle." I did not want a puzzle for Christmas. In future it would be appreciated if you would give the short person cash to push off on mommy. It is always the perfect fit.

Theresa would be rather entertained with her little Hooked on Phonics electronic toy at the moment. She should be she knows everything that it is asking her to do already. She is happy at the moment. It is nice that she is not being so good. Come to find out the math concepts are ones that are not sinking in yet and she will need them to form to get her to write her letters.

The heater is on in the bathroom to take the chill out of the air so she can have a bath this morning. The water is off again, it last long enough to do a few dishes and get her a little bit of water for her bath. Now if I can get her full attention before it gets cold it will be a nice day.

We have an OT appointment in the morning. The other appointment cancelled when they realized they had rescheduled it for after her 5th birthday. Idiots. OK I got a lot to do this morning so I'll be going to get started on the rest of it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 I am saving as much money as I can by limiting the amount of payoffs I request no matter how much I earn each month.

My Autistic angel will be in school and therapy as usual after the first of the year with the exception of one therapy. Occupational therapy will be once every other week in the clinic instead of once a week when we go back. I will enjoy the planning for the summer with one less therapy every other week. I am a bit concerned though that I gave her one day with preschool in the morning followed by three therapy sessions. It is not the first time we had three therapies in one day but it is the first time that school was included with the three.

I am working on a book that I'm stuck on at the moment and about to send requests to have editing help on before I download it into Word to upload and market. I have another one in mind to write after it that I'm taking notes on but I can't start it until I finish the first one. That is not looking like a fast thing right now, I'm working on it at night after the rest of the work is done.

Monday, December 19, 2011

One Last Christmas

This is the last Christmas that we spend as a family. 2012 is fast approaching and I will be filing for divorce before the year is out if it is the last thing that I ever do. I may not want to say that too loudly given recent events. I took my four year (soon to be five) to her first funeral the 16th of this month. I had no choice, she is what held me up and I was so proud of her for behaving herself. 

The presents are few this year but she will at least have a special birthday. I still have to go pick up the stuff for her cupcakes but the baby will not be left out just because she is celebrating two days after Christmas. I am not sure why I but putting off my divorce is causing me frustration. I have a feeling that I have to save the money for it and that is getting increasingly difficult. One more  last year I will file a joint tax return with her father. This is year once again he has back child support to pay. I hate to tell him but I am not foregoing child support and he will have to get a full time job to cover his expenses.

At the moment he thinks he has it good. I will be drawing up a roommate agreement and he will cover his own expenses after the first of the year. I will simply remind him what they are. He is over 40 and he was never taught to pay bills it would seem, his irresponsibility has become more than I can stand any longer.

I am sure that I will spend the rest of my life alone at this point but that's all right too. He is not able to comprehend that we are not together but when the papers are finalized it will hit him soon enough.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Changes Feel Amazing

You will notice that there has been a name change. Writing, Kids and Marriages is now Writing, Kids, and Life. Marriages are a part of life (part of mine anyway) but that was too narrow of a topic. I decided I like this layout the best and am going to be making a couple changes to my other too blogs. I may even turn the three into one, if I ever figure out how to do that. I might even take the "website" blog and move those posts here to find everything in one place. I am thinking that my focus is spread to thin and may just put everything on odds and ends since I frequent it the most. I mean not having to focus my thoughts is a nice release for me.

Anyway there are several changes taking place. It recently came to my attention that I either have to file 'injured spouse" or a separate tax return from my soon to be ex to ensure that I get all of my tax refund (provided there is one). In the past the offset for child support has been done and he has failed to realize the money that came from the tax return after that was in fact my portion which had nothing to do with him. I am not counting on my tax refund to cover anything or even exist this year but I am counting on the fact that I can work my way through anything with a little time and effort.

I am now up to work at 5am. OK so I'm just turning the computer on and having coffee while it starts but that's fine too. I am currently focusing on my own writing. I am writing at least one diary page a week to keep myself focused. There are more of those already and I intend to write them on a regular basis as I work through things. It's a fun site and I like to play with the formatting. 

Well, it's almost time to get the kid off the bus and go to therapy so I'll be going for now. I'll be back later to keep you updated on the craziness that is my world. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Gone All Ready??

It's Sunday night, hard to believe that the weekend is over all ready. I managed to get a few articles written. Figure out that my computer has started over heating. That could be a good bit of the problem right there. At the moment there is a large fan on me and it, so far it's still cool. I also wrote a few articles and got them submitted this weekend. I updated a couple other blogs and figured out that I won't be online much during the week expect to check for work and talk to a friend or two. I'm limiting myself the rest of the week to take care of some house work and run scans on my computer.

I opened something and replied to it instead of using another method to find out if it came from the person that it said sent it. UGGH! My computer popped up a warning something was wrong, shut down and came back up running scans on itself. Tonight it will run scans on it until morning. First thing in the morning I will check for work. I have limited access and I spent a lot of time online today which means that I have to be careful the rest of the month but after just over two weeks without Internet it was a relief to have it back.

I will be spending a lot of time working in order to catch up so limiting my time online shouldn't be a problem. I'll be cleaning house so I won't be paying attention to the Internet anyway so there is really no need to do anything but spend some time in my word processor. Now if I can figure out how to make it through the holidays and pay for my divorce I'll be so happy I could scream. Well, back to work for me.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Time of the Holidays Once Again

It is once again time for the holidays which means that I have to smile and deal with relatives. Not just any relatives but In-Laws. Hopefully with the pending divorce this will be the last year that I am forced to do this. I have never been found of them but I figured the man I married would stand up to them and make them show respect, at least when they are standing in MY home. Wrong. 

I knew when I married him that I did not like my future in-laws. I also knew that I was not in love with him but he appeared to love me and I thought in time I might be able to love him. I was wrong and it's not fair to him. The illusion I have created is hurting everyone involved. 

Well, I'm supposed to be working so I'll get back to it. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Civil Through it All

I am determined to remain civil through it all this time. The divorce is going to take a bit longer than I had planned to pay for but that's all right. I can wait, it's not like anyone is waiting to sweep me off my feet or anything. I can slowly begin to surround myself with friends again. I am going to reclaim my life before I go back to the world of relationships. I can have friendships but not relationships just yet.

The divorce is going to be at least $500 that may have to come out of my income tax refund. That is if there is a refund this year. My soon to be ex made arrangements to have something done about the vehicle that I can not drive anymore. He talked to the local mechanic and asked about the cars he fixes and talked to him about doing a trade for my Rodeo. That will help me out a lot, no more panic attacks when I drive would be incredible! Spending less on gas also a bonus.

The ability to kick him out without worrying about being stranded priceless. Making sure he only takes what is actually his when he goes difficult. Oh well, I can make sure I get rid of a bunch of stuff before then. I need to donate some of the kids stuff to make room for new stuff anyway. I also need to go through and get rid of my clothes that do not fit anymore to see how many new ones I have to buy, they're worn out.

Well, I seem to have taken a turn for the worse here and lost track of what I need to do. So I'm going to be going.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never Ends Does It?

It doesn't matter how well your day is going when you are the parent of an Autistic child there is always something to deal with. When you are the broke parent of an Autistic child the stress begins to pile so high you can't begin to see the end of the tunnel. There is always something in the back of your mind giving you the nagging feeling that you are forgetting something. I have found that forgetting is not that hard to do when you have almost a dozen different things to give your child each and every day. Then there are therapy appointments and doctor's visits just to have lab work done because your child is on so many supplements. It's expensive.

I read somewhere that it costs approximately $50,000 a year to raise an Autistic child. I'm still wondering where that's coming from. I don't think we can cut anymore corners but somehow it's always all right in the end.  I have to gather up all of the little ones supplements so I can write down the names and doses for our next doctor's visit. I am so confused right now I can't even find the child's clothes without going on a treasure hunt in the mornings. I am so far behind and I'm so tired right now that I have no idea what to do.

I used to have a schedule that was second nature and now it's kind of flown out the window. Oh well, today I will type up pages from old diaries to destroy the paper copies and still have record of things that I need to go read to see just how far I've come these last few years. I'm going to get back to work on that now since I latest project is stalled.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cleaning Up a Big Mess

I am in the process of attempting to get my third divorce without losing custody of my youngest daughter. It would seem that my finances are not the only challenge that I would face. Friends don't stab you in the back and they listen instead of talking over you. Turns out I was right I have very few true friends and I aim to keep those few closer than ever in the coming months. I also intend to casually get rid of the ones that do not listen and cause me more trouble than they are worth.

Years ago I got rid of everyone and everything that caused me to have unnecessary stress. A few months ago I accidentally let one of those people back in my life. You know the kind that is always talking so they hear half of something and can't comprehend that it's not their business to share. The ones that jump to conclusions and require having their jaw wired shut to prevent them from talking. I hate people like that always have but since I was like twelve when mother moved me to this annoying place I have been surrounded by them.

I have to figure out how to pay my bills, dissolve a five year marriage before it hits six and falls apart even further. I have no idea why I stayed in this marriage for so long. I do know that I have to get a divorce and get that non-friend back out of my life before they take me along on their path to self destruction. I can not believe my own stupidity in the matter as if I hadn't had enough problems through the years. I am already tired of just nodding in agreement as they made inaccurate assumptions in an effort to get them to shut up.

At the moment I would be bouncing back and forth between my own writing and writing for private clients in an effort to make ends meet. It would seem that everyone is once again missing the point of self employment and the fact that the more I am out of the house the less I would make. I prefer to get all my work done before I leave the house but they do not understand this.

Well, I see this turning into one long off subject rant so I will be going back to work now. Got a short news article to finish and try to do more of before I can begin my project work for the day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sorting Through the Lies

Well, it would seem that those with bad memories should never lie. It catches up to them even years later and they look at you like they have no idea what you're talking about. It's funny how even the most innocent remark can make you take notice of something that you haven't thought of in years. Who knew that after almost six years together nearly five of those married and a four year old it would all begin to come out?

There is supposed to be trust in a marriage, even the smallest of lies can ruin that trust. It doesn't have to be about anything major, lying about little things that don't matter can wear away at the trust until there is nothing left of feelings that you once swore would last forever. It's not that you never took your vows seriously even if you had doubts right up until they declared you husband and wife, it's that you never worked through those doubts and time after time you've been given more reason to doubt.

The third one should be easy to file but somehow it's not no matter how much I want to be out of this marriage. I'm not in love with him, not sure I ever was more like infatuated with those blue eyes that my baby girl now has. I still remember calling off the wedding and cancelling the cake only to have pleading and a look of sadness convince me to change my mind. I do believe that was the worse mistake I ever made. We were married in September and our child was due in December. There will be no more weddings where I am an expectant mother.

I no longer have feels of any kind, not even like more of an acquaintance you would nod to on the street. I have kept my vows and been the faithful wife and hopefully I will have the divorce signed and finalized in time to continue keeping them so that I can still say I have done nothing wrong. The only thing I did was get out of a situation that has caused me misery.

In time the wounds will heal and I will have rebuilt once again from the ground up. Well, it's time to move on with my life so I really need to get back to work. Got a divorce to pay for, bills to pay and a child to fix lunch for so she can eat between the time I pick her up from school and her first appointment this afternoon.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Can Anything Else Go Wrong

I recently realized that Marriages was plural which is rather fitting actually. I'm in the third one and we have recently agreed to get a divorce. No arguments really this time just a dull ache because there is no feeling left. I woke up the morning after the decision so happy I annoyed myself. Relief is what that was and now the harsh realities of it all are setting in. At least I have a job to keep me occupied as I go down the road of once again rebuilding from the crumbled pieces that I call my life.

The realization that I have to type faster than I've ever typed before to get out of the financial mess has inspired me though. I can do this without suffering from starvation or having to walk into town in this heat because of a financial boo-boo. It's not the first time I've been hit with unexpected expenses, divorces and other set backs so I know that I will be ok.

There are those days though when I really wonder if I will ever find the end to these tests of my strength.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday

I almost missed my alone time this morning. I overslept and when I work up my other half had somehow managed to get to work without waking me up and the little one was still asleep. I managed my coffee and morning cigarette without an interruption. I even managed to listen to some music without being interrupted.

Since he just walked back in the door, I'm guessing this is the last song I get to listen to. Of course he forgot to fill out his applications this morning, so he's going to the library this afternoon to do it. He can use their computers in air conditioning that works better and I don't have to take a break from working for him to do it. Nice of him huh?

I've got a lot of work to do anyway so it's alright with me if he wants to wait. I have blogs to update, articles to write and decisions to make. I'm not sure why but this month hasn't been as productive as I had hoped it would be.

Now I have to get dressed and go get Milk which appears to be an emergency in this house most of the time. A half gallon this time since the gallons are souring faster than half of them can be drunk. The kid seems to have developed an aversion to it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frustrated and Distracted

I'm so frustrated and distracted lately that I can't think straight. I'm not focused enough to write much of anything other than blog posts. It's kind of sad since I really need to be working. I'm in my own little world right now. I'm not sure why but everything is leaving me overwhelmed. I can't keep schedules straight. There are therapy appointments and school schedules to keep up with.

I'm so confused that I can't think straight. I don't know what to do because it seems that when I try to schedule appointments I always mess up with the times and dates. I think I confused a therapist the other day attempting to explain the school schedule to her. I don't think she understood me when I told her about the lack of speech next week.

I am so far off schedule that it's not even funny. I hope my frustration and distractions go away soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why Do I Work From Home with a Small Child?

When I first began to work from home it was because I could not take the thought of putting my youngest daughter into daycare the same way that I did with her big sister. If I'd have known then what would happen I'd never have let her out of my sight but it's too late to turn back now. She's healthy but she's no longer in my home, the same thing will not happen with the youngest no matter what I have to do.

The baby has been in school for a year and a half now but I still work from home because of her therapy schedules. I was hoping that she'd go full time this year or I'd simply keep her home and focus on therapy. I no longer desire to work from home but I still have an intense fear of returning to the traditional work force. I don't care to leave my baby in daycare and the fact that it costs a small fortune is only part of the problem. Then there is the fact that I need new clothes.

I made the decision when I found out about my baby to stay home. Well, I made it a few months before she was born. I had lost my job and as my due date got closer I found that I couldn't find one. Now the baby is 4 1/2 years old and a quick glance in my closet will tell anyone that I'd have to buy a new wardrobe just for filling out applications. I am much better off at the moment trying to rebuild my income from home to increase savings so I can buy those things that I need to return to the traditional workforce and turn writing back into my favorite hobby.

In the meantime I work from home because I'm afraid that I don't remember how to work with the public.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts on Marriage, Kids and Writing for a Living

Marriage is highly over rated. Of course I could be a bit jaded considering this is my third one. I was so into the marriage thing that I got married at 19, 23 and 30. I had two divorces before my 30th birthday, now at never mind how old I am I have two kids and a grown step kid. Now I wonder where the time has gone.

I managed after years of wondering how to earn a living and stay home with my babies to figure that one out. I became an online content writer. Problem solved, sort of. My youngest Autism diagnosis cut down on my availability and the amount of work that I could get done in a single day. I still have no idea how we're going to get by from day to day most of the time but I try not to let it bother me.

My children are my life. I can't imagine not having them but I don't want anymore. The chances of having another child with Autism is small but it's a chance that I can't take. I can't imagine life with Theresa or her diagnosis but I can't even begin to think that I'd be strong enough to go through all that we've gone through since her diagnosis again. The diagnostic process, therapy and applications for assistance to help her function. I can't do it all again.

I'll do anything in this world to help Theresa function but once she's grown, fully functioning on her own I've done my job. I'll have accomplished what I set out to do then it's my turn to live my life one more time before I die.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Theresa's Well Now!

We missed therapy yesterday because Theresa was sick. This morning she's fine and watching cartoons until time to go to therapy. I'm tired but there is still a lot to do. I managed to wash a load of laundry this morning and hang it up in the back. The lawnmower is out of gas and I don't have the money at the moment to buy any more so I need to

Next week's therapy is up in the air, at least the speech portion is because of the medicaid having to be transferred to a new company. The ABA isn't covered anyway and the Occupational therapy is already with the company that it's staying with so those two aren't going to have to be changed at all. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we're all set, the rest of the week I have no idea.

The following week we have either a call or a visit from the new teacher scheduled for the 22nd or 23rd because that's the day that they do them. The 24th is registration from 8am until noon at the school, if we do the home visit we don't need to go to the registration at least that's what I remember being told. Thursday school starts so I have no idea what we're going to be doing. I'm so confused that it's not even funny. That Friday is the last day for me to earn cash back on gas.

Blog postings are the only thing I feel like writing lately so that's what I'll be doing. Keeping blogs updated could be considered my full time job since I actually have four although I'm not sure why.

Well, the baby feels better and I'm running short on time so I'm gonna be going now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Closing of the Autism Center

Well, the last week Theresa stayed home because I promised her a vacation before school started. Her oldest sister was supposed to come down as well, but she had things to do before college in the fall. The cost of everything has gone up so much she couldn't make it work out even if she hadn't. Instead of spending time with her sister we made plans for her to start Head Start which she isn't going to be able to do even after all the trouble we went through. One of the requirements is that she be completely potty trained and this week she took a large set back which means I have to call them Monday to tell them she's not going to attend because of it.

The only Autism Center that we had in the area is closing which is bad news for us. The therapist are getting together and opening their own facility so that the kids still get therapy. I have no idea why the center is going to close but it is a rather sad day for us. It was the only one of its kind in the area and it was fairly new. It only opened during January of 2009. I have no idea why it would be closing unless it got too big too fast but they were attempting to meet what is a great need in the area. It seems like just yesterday sometimes that I first went to the original tiny building that would become a lifesaver to me. I remember the week that they closed to move, it just happened to be during Spring Break that year. The new building is barely used, it's less than two years old.

I do wish that things didn't change so fast but maybe this is for the best.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A week off to prepare for school

OK only one day left in July which means that I have approximately twenty-five days left to finish potty training the kid. The 25th is the first day of school for the Head Start and there is no transportation provided this year. This is going to make for a fun school year. Monday morning I’ll begin to get up at 5a.m. in order to get used to it in time to get the kiddo to school by 7:45. It’s really hard to believe that the summer is almost over and we’ve done very little.

I still haven’t purchased the new uniforms that she’s going to need. I have to go on a treasure hunt for them and I’m really hoping that they’ll be some available small enough during the tax free weekend. That’ll save us a little bit of money even if I only get her two or three. I am currently working on everything possible to come up with the money to get her two complete outfits because at the moment I can only get partial outfits.

We’re trying the schedule for the potty and I’m leaving her there as long as she’ll stay. It seems that typically the longer she stays on the potty the more likely she is to use the potty. We’ve made amazing progress this summer and I need to step up the game and finish it up. The fact that she has the ability to tell you she has to go to the bathroom is a good thing, bringing that ability out is something else.

Right now there is recycling on my front porch that needs to be loaded up and hauled to the bins. I think that I’ll do that when we go on the treasure hunt for uniforms. I found the data sheets for potty training in my desk drawer and the last time I had used them was back in mid-June which isn’t that good. There could be two reasons they hadn’t been used in so long. The first is that she was having too many accidents to count. The second is that I was too busy working and no one else would do the data for me. At the moment I’m relying on a time to tell me how often to take her to the potty. I’m going to go with every thirty minutes now that she has drinks in her.

I’m going to increase the time between trips now that the diarrhea she had last week has hopefully past. Too much detail I know.

OK I have to get back to work and I have some pictures to put on disk so I’ll be going I’m hoping to put the pictures on disks while I go through her clothes I have to separate my photos into smaller albums so that I know what I have saved and not saved or I may save them all online and take them to disk later.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School Preparations

It's almost time for yet another school year. August 15th Dothan City Schools are back in session the 29th of August the preschool is back in session. Tomorrow we have an interview for the Head Start facility. This is going to be interesting. Theresa still won't finish potty training and I think that it's actually because of the summer and being out of routine. Slowly but surely we're working on getting her back into her routine.

I however am not looking forward to getting up at five in the morning in order to have her up between six and six thirty so she's ready for the school bus. I really am not looking forward to having to pack up my computer every Wednesday afternoon to get her from school and take her to therapy. I have no choice but to start working during therapy sessions if I'm going to continue to stay afloat.

Next month means new school uniforms for the child as well. I want to move out of Dothan not only because I hate it here but because the school boards policy for uniforms causes a financial burden on my family. It'd be nice if the ones making the rules had to pay the bills for the rules they set.

Well, I'm off to work now that's my morning whine and I think I'll go get some cheese to go with it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tackling Hyperactivity

We had our finger prick today for the little one. She was rather hyper by the time the doctor got there since we were a fill in appointment. We went over her supplements, he took her off one and cut the dose on one in half. The prescription that she's on is being changed in another week.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. Tomorrow our appointments have been rearranged so I'll be confused as can be. My mind has wandered off so I'll be going now.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Figuring it Out

Theresa has a test that I can't pay for that I have to get. She's being good today just sitting in the bed with me. That means she forgives me for going to the store without her yesterday. It's rather unusual for me to go without her but my back was hurting something awful.

I've been trying to move for a couple years now but it's not going to happen anytime soon. I really wish that I could afford to move now. I'm not coping well with all the repairs that have to be done. I hate it here but I'm stuck here. I lost my flash drive and I really need it. I can't work without it because I don't have enough space on my computer. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We all made it through the weekend

OK Theresa didn't feel well this morning, she feels better now though. Apparently Sprout is the napping channel. As long as Sprout was on Theresa was asleep, the minute I changed the channel she work up. The worst part was that she did the baby cry each time. Poor thing did at least eat something today but she drank more than she ate. Despite being sick she did about normal with her potty training for the day. She got all but the three chew-able supplements today so it was good.

At the moment I'm watching "Sister Wives" and at the moment I have to say Kody Brown is being an ass. I'm really hoping I understood that wrong. So what if Meri only has one child she should have the house she wants. They can't find a house big enough for all of them so four houses was the only choice. OK I'm going to stop before I start ranting about it. Not my life not my business.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Means the End of School

Today we celebrate all those that gave all they had to ensure our freedom. Today for me also means that there is only one day of preschool left for my little one this year. There is no summer speech for Theresa this year from the school. The speech therapist sent home a speech packet and the teacher sent home some a packet with worksheets and mini books to make in it. That should do us about a week before I'm back to printing out my own for her.

One of her three therapists (she has five during the school year) that see her year round is a half page behind because she doesn't listen if she's in a hurry. I gave her some of the worksheets and she copied them after saying something about so I could do them at home. I'm pretty sure she doesn't realize I have my own pages to go over with the child and I was trying to get her to focus more on academics than teaching my child to be a mimicking monkey. My biggest pet peeve is that people usually don't ask they just assume that if it's something they would let their child have then your child can have it too.

I have to work, watch the kid, take her to therapy and some how keep my house from looking like the city dump. I may be behind on more than one of those fronts. My other half is off for the summer and supposed to be finding a job to make it through it. I'm really hoping that he is going to find one because with the blows to my income we're going to need him to have a job year round to take the sting out of it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Preschool for Heaven's Sake...............

So why is the application so long? Why do they need so many proofs? Can't you get by with the information you already have on file for the program they're in and just update it? I have all my proofs except for an SSI determination letter which is filed away somewhere unknown. I'm hoping to find it before we leave for speech so that I can drop all the forms off today and we can leave to go to the store from there.

I've decided that we'll  be searching for a summer program for Theresa that's half days a couple days a week so that she doesn't get out of the habit of getting up. She likes to get out of the house and since I'll have to take her we can get some things done while we're out.

I'd love it if I could finish cutting my grass but it's starting to look as if the gas left in the lawnmower is going to have to be taken out and put in the car. I bought a tire yesterday because we didn't have a choice. I don't like it when those things happen but they do and we deal with them.

Theresa is still amazed at the little school bus I bought her the other day. We have to do some words today so I'm going to find the sight word list and write them on her board.

That's about it since I have two other blogs and a website to update at some point today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Please go back to work!

My other half had the entire week off because of Spring Break. I'm not happy about that at the moment, he's rather irritating when he's home all the time. The original plan was that he take Theresa to therapy this week so that I could rest, and catch up on some writing. So far this week I've taken her to therapy all but one day. I have managed to start articles and scrap them but not to finish more than one.

So basically everything is normal, no rest for me. I get to play catch up and write as much as possible in eight hours a week. I'm considering returning to the traditional work force. Maybe maybe not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

it's just not the same

OK so I decided to take today off and not go to therapy with Theresa. Instead I sent her daddy and it just wasn't the same. First Theresa made me feel guilty that I wasn't going by coming to my desk, taking my hands and saying "come on, let's go bye-bye" and she wasn't done with the guilt trip yet. When I went to lock the door behind them she opened the door so that I could come outside with them. I had to walk her to the car and strap her in the car seat. Now keep in mind her daddy was teasing me because he was ready to go without running around disoriented trying to find things at the last'll be funny in a few minutes.

While they were gone I cut some more grass with an easy walk mower. I didn't get a lot of grass cut compared to the size of the yard but I'm proud that some of the wild flowers that were making my sinuses act up are gone, and in the morning provided the ground is dry enough I'll be cutting more. I came inside, washed up and mixed the muffin mix. While the oven preheated I got everything together for my bath. I went back put the muffins in the pan and set the timer for twenty minutes. I managed to take a bath and get dressed before the buzzer went off! Good timing.

At a little before 3:30 I began to worry about speech and the fact I hadn't went. Well, I was coming out of the back when they got home and I was asking about Theresa's day when I suddenly realized she didn't have any pants on. When I asked why her daddy told me it was because there weren't any in her bag. Ha! Ha! Just proves that nothing is done the same if mommy doesn't do it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Conference for Me

Recently I received a full scholarship to go to a two day Autism conference that would have given me at least a week's worth of articles to write. I was rather excited although a bit nervous about going and managing to stay away all day since it was at the end of the week. Well, less than a week after my scholarship was accepted I had to inform them that I would be unable to attend. I have a three foot problem, that's too young to watch herself while I go. I'm not even sure why I took the scholarship to begin with, I knew that I couldn't go in the back of my mind. There is no one close enough to watch her and I can't afford to take her out of town just to go to the conference.

Spring Break is coming up and she has therapy so we can't do anything that week. It's not that I can afford to go anywhere but I would like to be able to if I wanted to. OK before I turn this into a rant I'm going to be going.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Tantrums!

The day began fairly well considering we were running late. We managed to get to the doctor's office a little after 8a.m. and were home by 9:30 this morning. Theresa did fine, she didn't have a fit when we got there, instead she was pointing things out to me that she saw around her. It was almost too good to be true, then we went inside.

She listened well enough to come back to where I could see her while I signed her in and told them that we were there for lab work. The wait wasn't that long considering it's a doctor's office. Theresa went back and forth from watching "Mickey Mouse" to looking in the fish tank and visiting with another family that had a baby with them. She was very nice.

Finally, it's her turn and she comes with me willingly. She went into the room told us "I'm sorry" and of course we're wondering if she's telling Ms. Pat she should be apologizing already. When I put her in my lap, she said "sticker" she wanted to make sure that she got her sticker first. She was fairly calm, not a single hint of a scream when the finger prick was taken. She remained fairly calm while the blood was dropped into the tube, and was completely calm when it was completed.!

All in all it's a good day so far. Now to get through an afternoon of Therapy, and see if my ABA therapist wants to meet me at the school at 8a.m. on the day of the IEP meeting. She lives in Florida so that may be a tough time for her.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changing the therapy schedule

Friday's we now start our weekend later. We now have speech at 11:30 instead of 9:30 in the morning. That gives us two extra hours before we leave in the mornings. It just means that I won't get to start my weekends until 12:30 on Friday mornings. If I get up early enough I can do a load of laundry to hang out before we go.

I just made the mistake of letting Theresa do "S" by herself, when she finished she threw the sheets. Now she's having a screaming fit that only she understands. I think that she's telling herself "good job." Or at least she was until I gave her some paper with glue on it and an old container filled with dried peas to glue on it.

I'm already tired. I have managed to add about a paragraph to each of the articles that I was writing. I really wish that I had more time to work, and this summer I might.

Finances are going to be a little bit tighter from now on, until I can get back on track with the writing and submitting articles to various places.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A sick child is a hyper child......

once they start to feel better. At least mine is. The pizza she split with her daddy for breakfast didn't agree with her. So she got a bath and a change of clothes, my kitchen floor and part of my carpet got a bath too. A couple of my towels got thrown away and I got to take a shower and change clothes in the middle of the day. So far she hasn't seemed to notice that she didn't have therapy today. I never realized it before but as much as I enjoy those days when I don't have to go anywhere, they are the days that make me the tiredest.

I've done three loads of laundry, working on folding that now and re-hanging the ones that are still damp b/c I put them too close together on the line. I was running out of clothes pins. I did dishes and made lunch. Now I get to do dishes again, they're soaking in the sink as I type and enjoy a pot of coffee to stay awake. It's not helping but I like the taste. I've got to refill my sugar container now.

I got a call from the clinic where Theresa gets therapy this afternoon. The next time we go up there (hopefully tomorrow) I can pick up an application for a grant to go to a two day Autism conference. I want to go but it's awful early in the morning and I don't have child care. There isn't anyone I really care to leave Theresa with either.

The highpoint, at the end of the week it's supposed to be 79! That'll be a relief to me, I'm hot already. I don't want winter to come back though.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Friday!

It's Friday night and I get to pretend to rest for the next two days! I saw pretend because I have to attempt to get some writing done and submitted to various sites. I hope to cram about a week's worth of articles into two days, at least the initial writing and a couple edits. At least that's what I hope to do but lately no one wants to co-operate so that I can get any work done. I've been doing editorials all week, I even published a couple so that I could say I did something. I got one article accepted by Constant Content and I'm happy with that, now to figure out what to write next for them.

Theresa has decided to wear a bandanna on her head, it seems to calm her. She's rather hyper so I'm reconsidering my decision to leave her off of her special and restrictive diet. It helps with the behaviors and I want her to calm down a little. Not much, she'll get too silent but a little less of the running through the house making my nerves jump would be nice.

The leaky faucet on the bathtub in the master bathroom is fixed. Now for hubby to get under the house and  fix that pipe once and for all. That'll help with the utility bill a lot once the well pump stops shutting on and off. Now to get the duct work fixed so that we can have air conditioning without an outrageous bill this summer.

I made more laundry soap today. I made it double concentrated because my washing machine isn't doing it's job. I used the powder version this morning and it cleaned a little bit better but I prefer the liquid because it dissolves better in the water.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When is it enough to say you're fed up and stick with the decision that you've made?

I'm fed up with a marriage I wasn't sure that I actually wanted to go through with to begin with. Why did I go through with it? I have no idea, I called it off once but then something happened and I changed my mind. I remember why we got together and honestly it had nothing to do with being attracted to him. It certainly didn't have anything to do with how much money he made, he brought home less than I did. Never mind.

I just know that he was not responsible in any way when I met him and shows no signs of getting responsible. I'm tired of trying to explain that the bills have to be paid and that savings is actually important. I'm tired of people making assumptions that I don't work and he takes care of everything. He's overdrawn the joint checking account that we had so many times that last time they closed the account because it stayed overdrawn too long. He seems to be clueless as to why that would upset someone. I'm just glad now that I have a checking account of my own so that his last deliberate act did not mess everything up completely.

I kicked him out the last time but within a few days he was back. Everything has gone even farther down hill from there and he of course does not acknowledge his constant childish habits have anything to do with the fact that he annoys the crap out of me. I'll be going before this turns into a rant about stupidity, I've got work to do. I need to save some money and buy a few things to make life easier if I'm gonna be getting divorced. I hope.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Theresa has had a rather good week despite the fact that we're both exhausted. She wrote the letter "S" correctly this week! We've spent months drilling that particular letter because of her tendency to write it backwards. She was in ABA and they were working on getting her to do what they did. The little sneak did it on the first try because she didn't think I was watching. I caught her singing along with the radio too!

Ok that's all of the little one, for now. I'm learning to work my new camcorder so I have proof she's doing cute stuff.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ouch, OUch, OUCH

Well, that about sums it up. OUCH. Why am I screaming ouch? Well after a rather unproductive day, quiet and boring day yesterday the night proved to be rather painful. Do you know why trailers have trim on the corners of the wall? It's to cover the seams and the nails they used to put them together. Do you know what happens when they get old and worn and come down? They leave tiny nails and staples exposed that you can't see without a magnifying glass you know the ones that you drop and never find again? Well, last night I managed to find them with my baby toe.

Yes, I was trying to go into Theresa's room for the pull-up she changes into at bedtime and stubbed my toe. Or so I thought. It hurt like crazy, I looked down and it was skinned but not bleeding yet. yet is the keyword. I went to walk across the room and it went to hurting more and more. By the time I made it to the dresser it was bleeding, changing colors and swelling. I have a nice gash in it.

Today the swelling has gone down a little, it's almost the right color and the bleeding stopped. It's still bandaged however b/c air seems to hurt at the moment. What hurts more is when tiny hands attempt to touch it or run by within an inch of it. Well, other than my boo-boo nothing much going on so I'll be going for now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No therapy today

We didn't have speech yesterday and we won't be having it today. The therapist has a family emergency of her own to deal with, she deserves time off but I do wish it was under better circumstances. Theresa is behaving well for her age today.

We've only had one accident in the area of potty training so far today. When she did it she came to me screaming "paper towel, paper towel" she wanted to clean up the mess she had just made. That's a good sign even though she didn't tell me that she had to use the potty; it's an acknowledgement that she was wet. That's an awesome sign.

I spent a few hours picking her toys up last night just to find my living room floor in order to vacuum it. Guess what she's now in the process of undoing everything that I picked up. I'll be cleaning the kitchen a bit and baking homemade bread today. I'll be squeezing in a little more work too because I don't have a choice.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not a Three Day Weekend After All

Well, the rest of the world gets a three day weekend this week but not us. The school is closed but the clinic for therapy is going to be open. One of the therapist told me that if I wanted a three day weekend I should take it and no one would think anything about it. Theresa'll be ill if she suspects the therapists are there and she's not though.

I have to remember to call about the results of her labs tomorrow. I forgot today to check, if I forget tomorrow it'll be next week. The DMG is a tiny tablet and Theresa puts it in her mouth willingly each morning. That's a good thing. The speech therapist had a seminar where they showed them some sensory techniques that work when it comes to getting Autistic children to let you brush their hair. Well, Theresa is a bit irritable when you attempt to brush her hair so we decided to give it a try.

Well, turns out putting pressure on the sides of Theresa's head is something that she enjoys. One you do that for a few minutes she'll let you brush her hair all day long. I am exhausted and still have at least one article to write. I managed to make $2 this morning while I did laundry and ran after Theresa. We had an afternoon of therapy and I managed to wash her training pants so now I have to spend a few hours playing catch up.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Sinking In!

Over a year since the Autism diagnosis and it's becoming clearer everyday that all the time spent pulling our hair out was worth it. Theresa is going better than ever and she proves it everyday. Since I put her in cloth more often she's actually making an effort to potty train because she doesn't seem to like having a dirty rear end. She's also having more spontaneous speech after speech which proves something, somewhere is sinking in! 

Theresa's supplements need refilling but it'll be a little bit. I'm going to call next week and schedule labs so we'll know then what she's taking and what she needs to take now. I'm supposed to be working so I'll be going now.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quiet Weekend under my Blankets

Well after the shock of the actual light bill reading and realizing that I'm the only one that appears to stay cold I spent the weekend under blankets while I worked. The little one agreed to put long pants on and her father seemed to enjoy the fact that I was not burning everyone out of the house. I must admit I was more productive working with the window coverings open to let in natural light first thing in the morning and my eyes hurt less than they have in a long time.

Theresa's potty training was put on hold since she spent most of yesterday in disposables but she's seems to have picked up where we left off this morning. She's staying dry longer and longer which is a very good sign. Two out of three private therapists are assisting in the efforts and the other one well, Theresa will tell her she has to go then refuse to go. That therapist would be building the cooperation factor through other exercises and taking Theresa on a schedule they had previously worked out.

I actually enjoyed the chill in the air at night. I turned the thermostat down to 60-65 to keep the chill out of the air and the heat didn't run all night like it did when I set it higher. We've decided to invest in a space heater for the coldest rooms in the house. I'm looking at something with a settable thermostat for the smallest rooms in the house like the bathroom so that we don't get too hot. The baby has to have the chill out of the air when she takes a bath. I have to finish ripping up the carpet in there. Problem is I'm hoping for something with a cooling setting too so that they don't have to be stored and exchanged during the summer months. Is that too much too ask? I have to finish ripping up the bathroom carpet but that's fine too.

Theresa is enjoying Mickey Mouse right now. She has pre-school in the morning and I have four hours to work, clean house and run to the grocery store. I also get to stop and put air in my tires myself since I dear other half under inflated them last time. Neither measurement matched but both were below the guides for the tire. I think I'll get him a digital or rather me a digital so that I know what's what.

My biggest surprise this weekend was getting to read some out of each of the two books I'm reading for relaxation. I still have to find time to read the third but I"m keeping up with the posted study of it so I'm doing good in my world here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Almost Friday!

Well, it's Thursday which meant that yesterday we had preschool and ABA. We were supposed to have speech but it was cancelled yesterday and today because the therapist was sick. After ABA and before OT she's always a bit testy now.

I'm not really happy with the ABA this week actually since June Theresa has been having compliance issues after ABA sessions. It's these times of non-compliance that make working from home the most difficult. The fact that the ABA isn't focusing on potty training now and wants to wait irritates me a bit. The fact that I can keep buying disposables or continue taking her to therapy hasn't seemed to dawn on her yet.

Theresa loses potty training progress on Monday and Wednesday. She won't be able to go to her grandparents for even a short visit since they're well lazy since the invention of disposables. That and they don't listen any better than one of the therapists at the moment. OK I lost my thought so I'll be going now.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Too Smart for Our Own Good....

That's what little Theresa is. My little darling has managed to get out of all her supplements today. I'm not sure how it happened either. She didn't get them this morning, of course I still have to buy some of them because she's out. Once I get them all together again she'll be getting them like she's supposed to. She spent the day being cute and making requests that for some reason she won't make for one of her therapists.

Theresa has school in the morning, she's going to be excited. She loves school and she made some progress on potty training this weekend. This afternoon she went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. When she was asked what she was looking for she said "special treat." At the start of the weekend I told her that if she worked hard and made an effort with her potty training that she'd get a special treat. I ended up making her peanut butter cookies. She's got a memory on her I'll give her that. There are times when I wish that it wasn't so good.

She did a bunch of cute stuff today but to keep from drowning you in cute I'm gonna call it a night.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting the Weekend Far from Quietly

This morning we had a speech appointment at 9:30. Well, of course it being Friday I wasn't paying attention first thing in the morning. I managed to get Theresa up, fed and dressed what I didn't do was remember to give her morning supplements or put her on the potty. See a problem yet? We got ready to leave and I was about the put her in her car seat when I noticed that not only were her pants wet but she was still peeing.

Of course this meant that I had to take her back inside. Did I mention she doesn't transition well when there are changes made to her routine unexpectedly? She started screaming and crying as I brought her back in the sit her on the potty and change her clothes. It seems that tiny change in the normal routine was enough to make her think that she was in trouble. My little princess was afraid that she wouldn't be allowed to go to speech therapy this morning.

We finally got to therapy and she great once she realized that she was allowed to go with the therapist. She did great during the session and since we came home we've had potty training progress. OK back to life, cartoons may not be ideal but they're a great reward for my little angel when she uses the potty.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


OK so Theresa's four and doesn't know what a fork is. She doesn't get one yet, she's a bit to hyper for me. OK so I'm paranoid careful, she makes me nervous. Now I have to teach her without it. Potty training is going well sort of. She has to wear pull-ups to school still because I'm not sure just how long she can stay dry and I don't want her to have an accident while we're waiting on the school bus.

OK so now we have to learn fork with pictures and other peoples. I'll be back later. I just found a news article that I want to do.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fed up

I'm fed up and that's about all I have to say. I could go into a long rant but I won't. I'm just tired all the time. If it's not one thing it's another. Money appears to grow on trees or at least some think it does. If it did I'd be tending my crops constantly.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can find some peace. I'll be reading a chapter or two and going to be shortly.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Days

Theresa now has a television set complete with VCR and DVD in her room so she can have a special treat every now and then. Bless her little heart now I just have to figure out how to teach her to work those educational toys that hook up to the t.v. Last time I tried she was about as interested as a teenager taking a test that's not driving related so they can get their freedom.

We haven't gotten much done in the way of therapy these last three days. Little bit hasn't had therapy since Thursday and then it was just OT b/c the speech therapist was out. First thing in the morning little bit has to watch a cartoon, she's usually real good when she first wakes up so we do. In a moment we'll get to an interactive show so that she can be memorizing learning while she watches it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Talkative today

Theresa began the day talking! She was in her crib singing a rainbow song that she heard on "Mickey Mouse" the other day. She was putting the colors in order. It was just too cute. She even ate her breakfast although the little sneak did spit out her Vitamin C tablet this morning.

This afternoon I have to pack her a nice snack. We have speech and an hour after it lets out we have feedback with Dr. Cotter for her diagnosis re-evaluation. I'm hoping for a better diagnosis or at least a more specific diagnosis this time. The last one was more of a she falls in this catergory but we don't have enough to give a specific diagnosis so we're putting her here, come back in a year to go over her progress.

Well, I learned something this morning. My mail box is too far to walk barefoot when the ground is frozen. Ok just I'll be going now.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Theresa isn't getting back to her routine just yet

We went back to our regular therapy schedule last week which was good. Theresa needed out of the house a couple hours a day. This week we were supposed to start back to preschool but the weather has other ideas.

All the schools are closed tomorrow including the preschool because it's under the city school system. She's gonna be upset when she realizes it. I'm not sure but I'm guessing that we're not likely to have therapy tomorrow afternoon unless something changes.

We managed to get some therapy done at home today between preschool shows. I'm hoping that tomorrow will warm up quickly. I am wishing that I had some fire wood because these days are great for fires.

OK my tooth ache is getting worse so I'll be going now.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


OK I managed two loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen and vacuumed some of my living room; the part not taken over by toys. Theresa did get to watch a few cartoons and pretended to nap today. We managed to make a little progress on the potty training front. We'll running out of cloth tomorrow though, she has six pair and she's been going through them really fast today. I'll be washing them tomorrow afternoon as soon as she runs out, Monday she'll only use one or two, then Tuesday she'll be in them all morning.

I managed to find time to sit at the end table and do a little therapy with her today. We did a few words on her chalk board, some dough and a couple pages out of her workbooks this morning. At the moment I'm printing out a page or two for tomorrow. Monday I'll be going over flash cards and requests since we only have an hour or two and she'll work all day between preschool and therapy. We're doing more shapes coloring and the letter A tomorrow. I haven't decided what else.

She has speech, OT and ABA therapies. I'm having a bit of trouble lately fitting in what she has to do in therapy with what I'd rather she know at times. We're going to go over things that she does and doesn't know tomorrow and she'll get to color again. Following directions is the most important thing. I plan to take a few minutes on each page so she doesn't get frustrated.

Well, that about sums up today and the plans for tomorrow.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Progress I hope.....

Theresa has started to say "I'm sorry" when she has an accident wearing cloth underwear. She doesn't say anything in disposable pull-ups. Hopefully that's a sign this long road of potty training is fixing to make progress. We have the rest of the weekend to leave her in cloth. Monday school starts back so she'll have most of the day in pull-ups.

I'm not looking forward to next week, we have an appointment Tuesday afternoon to get her feedback. I hope that it's good. I want to know but I don't want to know.

I haven't gotten the results of the lab work yet. I hope to get it soon but I'm not sure that I want to know that either. OK I lost track of my thoughts so I'm going to go check and see if there is an article I can write.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Labs for the little one

OK yesterday Theresa had her blood drawn to test her potassium levels because of a prescription that she's on. Since it was time to have blood drawn anyway to check her growth hormone. At 4 as far as the measurements go she is 37 inches, not sure how accurate that is since she doesn't exactly stand right. I'll be happy to know one way or the other why she seems to be refusing to grow.

She was in a good mood when I got her to the doctor yesterday but not in such a good mood by the time we left. We came home and watched cartoons until time to leave for therapy in an effort to get her back in a good mood since we had two sessions back to back yesterday. She did fairly well since the therapist took her to sing with the ABA kids and do some socialization. After speech Theresa refused to come out of the office. The ladies ( I should say lady b/c only one was in there yesterday) said she could sit and play with the legos between appointments. The ABA therapist was next, they worked on "No" and waiting.

Theresa's therapist are awesome! OK we have more therapy today and at some point I've got to wash her training pants so that I have enough clean to make it through the weekend without having to soak up urine out of the carpet. Gross I know but we have almost three full days again to work on potty training. She's starting to give signals but she can't express that yet so we're trying to get there.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Long day today and tomorrow

OK Theresa began her day with an 11a.m. testing appointment. She did fairly well. She started almost following directions and answered more questions that I would have hoped for a year ago. She had a bit of a problem with arms and legs. It seems she doesn't know them yet, it was kind of hard to tell with a picture of a teddy bear. I didn't know that bears had arms, I always thought they were four legged creatures that had the ability to stand partially upright. By the end of the testing interview when it came time for me to answer questions that ear bleeding  rather high pitched scream was back.

This afternoon she had a half hour of speech that turned into mostly play time because she was so tired. She had worked hard this morning so the therapist gave her a break of sorts. After therapy she wanted to stay and play because the clinic had new toys I'd never noticed before.

Tomorrow we have her four year check up. I have to write down her supplements so that the doctor has them in front of him. I also have to get referrals sent to the doctor we saw today and to the O.T.s office, the referral she had expires tomorrow. I have to remember them or we can't have either of the upcoming appointments. All that's left is to take the green sheet from the preschool teacher the day before the feedback session and we'll be good to go.

Tomorrow after noon we have speech and ABA therapy. That's going to be rather interesting to see how that goes. When school starts back it's going to be even more interesting to figure out, she'll have school, lunch, speech then ABA therapy.

Well, I'm tired just writing this so I'm gonna go. I haven't decided if I'm gonna update the other two tonight or not.

Monday, January 3, 2011

therapy went well

Theresa was a bit in her own world at the start of speech today but by the end she was focused and working well. She's holding out still when it comes to talking. I put her rocking horse in front of the television to get it out of the way. She pushed it back and it got stuck. She covered her eyes and said 'why did you do that?" Amazing!

She's 4 now! I can't believe it! I got my ink refill kit today. I have 3.5 refills total and I reset my printer to print economically. That'll help to make the cartridge last until I can afford to order a new one so that I don't mess up my printer. I've got to order a color refill kit next. I hope it's as easy to refill as this one was. I can copy the pages of her workbooks now so we can work with them. I can print out things from online too! 

Well, that's about it, we stopped at the grocery store and she was a little angel. So now I'm going to update Odds and Ends.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We go back to almost normal tomorrow

Well, tomorrow we go back to almost normal for us. Theresa doesn't go back to school until the 10th but we go back to speech tomorrow afternoon. He daddy doesn't go back to work until the end of the week. Theresa has been rather relaxed these last two weeks and she's starting to protest when we do anything to interrupt what she wants to do. Therapy couldn't be starting back a moment too soon.

She demanded cookies this afternoon so I threw together some sugar cookies with the aid of a baking mix. She's happy with them, the rest of us on the other hand aren't as thrilled with them. I have everything that I need to make another batch after she goes to bed or in the morning. That way I don't have to worry about Theresa touching the hot oven.

Theresa learned that there is more than one t.v. in the house over the holiday. She even learned that she could reach one of them to turn it one without the remote and figured out how to change the channel with the remote. She had to figure out which remote was for changing channels first.

At the moment she's having a tantrum because she's not doing what she wants so I'm gonna be going.