Monday, January 30, 2012

School/Therapy Supplies

I have a few dozen therapy supplies that need to be sorted out for my little one. Some she no longer needs but would enjoy others she is possessive of and still others we have not gotten to yet. It is time to organize them. Then there are the school supplies (namely uniforms) that I have to buy for the next school year.

I am attempting to set money aside to purchase them since she may grow between now and then. Uniforms are the worst thing that the school system ever did to my wallet, the teachers to do not wear the same attire as the children and I do not think that is fair. That is another story though. She’s going to need a new backpack to carry her extra clothes and work that is sent home from school in this year. Her backpack is in its second year of use and starting to look worn.

She needs dry erase markers for her white board, lined tablets to write on. (Still haven’t found the pages that you can print); new books to read and hopefully allow me to donate some of the older ones she has read to the clinic for other kids to enjoy. Then there is the tiny table she still fits out as she gets bigger she is going to need a desk to do her work at. I had one although I didn’t see much of it but that’s a long story.

I’m hoping that I don’t miss the sales this year for supplies. I really want to see the tax free weekend for buying her uniforms. I just need enough to get her through a week at a time so I can wash them all at once and be done with it. She has two pairs of pants, two jumpers and three polo shirts in addition to a few dozen pairs of shorts to wear to school this year. The shorts she can wear around the house when they get too worn to wear to school.

Crayons, construction paper, play dough and pencils alone with half a dozen other things add up very quickly. I better get back to work before I go broke thinking about them. 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Weekends were once spent working for others, then searching for work when the constant stress of too much work went to not having any work. I can’t find a happy medium. Now weekends are dedicated to doing my own thing such as updating blogs, reading or writing about things that I want to unless of course I have a client with a looming deadline.

I want to spend my weekends resting as they were meant; at least for those that work a Monday through Friday week. I rearranged my schedule a bit so that I work inside writing or keeping the house when it rains and can be in the yard cleaning it up one last time. This time when I get everything gone there will be nothing else brought in without approval.

The recycling has to be gathered up to go off during the week since they only stay open until noon on Saturdays. I have been looking at the recycling and the fact that my garbage cans that hold it no longer have lids and thinking that I need to invest in a few large ones that come with lids in order to have it sealed away from the rain and becoming difficult to move. I am searching for ones that I can afford with wheels and locking lids. The additional costs will cover themselves when I am not in pain from trying to lift things too heavy and awkward to maneuver.

I manage to find time to read on the weekends now. Not much but a little my reading and personal writing was once limited to the time spent in therapy waiting rooms. I now make it a point to read a little bit each day of the week whether in therapy or not. I read from my Kindle for PC app while at home until I can get a portable reader and still read traditional books while in the therapists. I get to read twice as many books as I would have otherwise now.

The kid gets to be a kid (for the most part), we still have work for her on weekends but it is not as intense since she works so hard all week long with preschool and therapy sessions that never seem to end. What do you do on weekends?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Searching for Beds

Yes, I am in search of beds. Theresa has learned that she can climb in her crib (sometime ago) and this is now translating to attempts to climb out of it to get a book that she wants. She is in need of a new mattress and it turns into a day bed. The problem with it turning into a day bed is that I’m afraid either she won’t stay in it at bedtime or the constant tossing and turning she does to get situated during the night will result in her falling out of it. I am in need of a new bed as well but that is a different story all together.

The problem I have is that her room is small. She already has another bed but it is the bottom half of a bunk bed set. I am afraid that she will fall out of it since it is a bit higher off the ground that I would like. I have thought about putting rails around it but then I am afraid that she will climb them.

I’d like her to have a cute bed but my budget is only allowing for practical at this point. I still need to rearrange her room. I’m thinking instead of buying myself a new bed I’ll simply use the one from the bunk beds until it wears out. I’m wondering if I know anyone talented enough to build her a frame if I simply purchase her a mattress and box springs. Given her love of climbing I’m a good mind to set them on the floor with rails around them so she’s less likely to fall out or knock it down jumping.

Her OCD tendencies will not allow me to rearrange her room. I have tried and it upsets her, so I have to be slow and careful about what I do in her room.

Ok off to search for a solution that satisfies us both.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hoping for a Refund

I am hoping for a much needed tax refund this year. It’s going to have to stretch a long way no matter how small it may be. I will get a portion of it thanks to injured spouse filing. Child support will eat the rest but that’s not a surprise since my soon to be ex (provided I can come up with the filing fee, sort out the details and move on hassle free) had an income reduction when he finally found work after two years of being unemployed. The unemployment he got was more than he makes now, which is rather ridiculous if I do say so myself.

In past years refunds have paid off bills, bought much needed items and made repairs. I’m afraid this year will be no different. I do wish that I could bank all of them. That would give me enough to live at least a year off of the refunds alone if they had not been needed in other areas in the past.

I have to hunt down siding. I want vinyl. I need a roof. I want metal. I do not like the way my home was designed and I need to fix my shed so it can in fact be used for storage. I’d love to buy an additional shed, but building one provided I have the sense and the energy to get it done might be more practical.

In the meantime I take measurements and make plans. Any refund will not be enough to cover all my needs but it will be a start. My truck needs an oil change and new tires. Those must come first even though I hope to get rid of it this year and replace it with something smaller, economical and cozy. I will need a small trailer to haul things but that can be worked out. So can making arrangements for someone with a truck to haul my recycling to the local center for me.

In the meantime I keep hoping for a nice surprise in the form of a refund check. I’ll hope more when I finally get all the forms I need in order to file my taxes. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

One Nail at a Time

Yes, one nail at a time is how we (my soon to be ex and I) will be fixing the irritations that are surrounding us. I am not looking forward to climbing a ladder as he holds siding and boards for me to nail but if that's the way it must be then so be it. I am going to give up on moving, at least for the moment and focus on proving a point. The point is that we can and do take care of things without help from others the majority of the time. We will only have a few hours to work and we have to gather a lot of supplies in one place but that's fine too. There is one window pane in need of replacement but it can not be replaced until it is sunny and dry. It won't set and seal otherwise, while the pane is only $20 I think for that size having to replace it twice would irritate me a great deal.

Then there are the cosmetic issues inside, that I do believe I will take care of with my own little twist. I am tired of having walls all one color, so I do believe I'll be painting in sections. Only this time I won't be in such a hurry and will take the time to get the tape to prevent painting things that I never intended to paint just because I was in a rush. There is the issue of curtains or blinds. I have cats and a child, not safe for blinds. The last time I put blinds in every room I spent a small fortune just to have them just to have them be torn up completely less than a year later.  Leave it to little hands full of curiosity. I'm off to figure out what I'm doing first.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life Happens

Yes, life does happen sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. You take it as it comes and you let the little things go. At least that's what people tell you to do but sometimes it's the little things that annoy you the most. How do you let the things that cause you to grind your teeth and give you enormous headaches go? You don't, instead you let go of the people that create the little things. For better or for worse I'm sure did not include meddling parents that do everything they possibly can to ruin your life and make up things when they can not find a legitimate complaint other than you are a grown-up that has the right to their own lives.

We all grow up and hopefully we make our own decisions along the way. There are those that do not believe we should do the things that we do but they respect the fact that they are our choices to make. Then there are those that do not and we need to head them off at the pass. Making it clear what the role they have and the role they do not have in your life from the start is the best route for these people or they tend to walk all over you. When these people came with people that you chose to have in your life getting them out can be tricky; it can mean that you have no choice but to let go of someone that you wanted in your life for a long time.

You do what you have to hoping that the ones you hurt unintentionally along the way eventually forgive you. Sometimes you have no choice but to give your life a complete overhaul and rid yourself of all those that would cause you pain intentionally.