Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Tantrums!

The day began fairly well considering we were running late. We managed to get to the doctor's office a little after 8a.m. and were home by 9:30 this morning. Theresa did fine, she didn't have a fit when we got there, instead she was pointing things out to me that she saw around her. It was almost too good to be true, then we went inside.

She listened well enough to come back to where I could see her while I signed her in and told them that we were there for lab work. The wait wasn't that long considering it's a doctor's office. Theresa went back and forth from watching "Mickey Mouse" to looking in the fish tank and visiting with another family that had a baby with them. She was very nice.

Finally, it's her turn and she comes with me willingly. She went into the room told us "I'm sorry" and of course we're wondering if she's telling Ms. Pat she should be apologizing already. When I put her in my lap, she said "sticker" she wanted to make sure that she got her sticker first. She was fairly calm, not a single hint of a scream when the finger prick was taken. She remained fairly calm while the blood was dropped into the tube, and was completely calm when it was completed.!

All in all it's a good day so far. Now to get through an afternoon of Therapy, and see if my ABA therapist wants to meet me at the school at 8a.m. on the day of the IEP meeting. She lives in Florida so that may be a tough time for her.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changing the therapy schedule

Friday's we now start our weekend later. We now have speech at 11:30 instead of 9:30 in the morning. That gives us two extra hours before we leave in the mornings. It just means that I won't get to start my weekends until 12:30 on Friday mornings. If I get up early enough I can do a load of laundry to hang out before we go.

I just made the mistake of letting Theresa do "S" by herself, when she finished she threw the sheets. Now she's having a screaming fit that only she understands. I think that she's telling herself "good job." Or at least she was until I gave her some paper with glue on it and an old container filled with dried peas to glue on it.

I'm already tired. I have managed to add about a paragraph to each of the articles that I was writing. I really wish that I had more time to work, and this summer I might.

Finances are going to be a little bit tighter from now on, until I can get back on track with the writing and submitting articles to various places.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A sick child is a hyper child......

once they start to feel better. At least mine is. The pizza she split with her daddy for breakfast didn't agree with her. So she got a bath and a change of clothes, my kitchen floor and part of my carpet got a bath too. A couple of my towels got thrown away and I got to take a shower and change clothes in the middle of the day. So far she hasn't seemed to notice that she didn't have therapy today. I never realized it before but as much as I enjoy those days when I don't have to go anywhere, they are the days that make me the tiredest.

I've done three loads of laundry, working on folding that now and re-hanging the ones that are still damp b/c I put them too close together on the line. I was running out of clothes pins. I did dishes and made lunch. Now I get to do dishes again, they're soaking in the sink as I type and enjoy a pot of coffee to stay awake. It's not helping but I like the taste. I've got to refill my sugar container now.

I got a call from the clinic where Theresa gets therapy this afternoon. The next time we go up there (hopefully tomorrow) I can pick up an application for a grant to go to a two day Autism conference. I want to go but it's awful early in the morning and I don't have child care. There isn't anyone I really care to leave Theresa with either.

The highpoint, at the end of the week it's supposed to be 79! That'll be a relief to me, I'm hot already. I don't want winter to come back though.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Friday!

It's Friday night and I get to pretend to rest for the next two days! I saw pretend because I have to attempt to get some writing done and submitted to various sites. I hope to cram about a week's worth of articles into two days, at least the initial writing and a couple edits. At least that's what I hope to do but lately no one wants to co-operate so that I can get any work done. I've been doing editorials all week, I even published a couple so that I could say I did something. I got one article accepted by Constant Content and I'm happy with that, now to figure out what to write next for them.

Theresa has decided to wear a bandanna on her head, it seems to calm her. She's rather hyper so I'm reconsidering my decision to leave her off of her special and restrictive diet. It helps with the behaviors and I want her to calm down a little. Not much, she'll get too silent but a little less of the running through the house making my nerves jump would be nice.

The leaky faucet on the bathtub in the master bathroom is fixed. Now for hubby to get under the house and  fix that pipe once and for all. That'll help with the utility bill a lot once the well pump stops shutting on and off. Now to get the duct work fixed so that we can have air conditioning without an outrageous bill this summer.

I made more laundry soap today. I made it double concentrated because my washing machine isn't doing it's job. I used the powder version this morning and it cleaned a little bit better but I prefer the liquid because it dissolves better in the water.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When is it enough to say you're fed up and stick with the decision that you've made?

I'm fed up with a marriage I wasn't sure that I actually wanted to go through with to begin with. Why did I go through with it? I have no idea, I called it off once but then something happened and I changed my mind. I remember why we got together and honestly it had nothing to do with being attracted to him. It certainly didn't have anything to do with how much money he made, he brought home less than I did. Never mind.

I just know that he was not responsible in any way when I met him and shows no signs of getting responsible. I'm tired of trying to explain that the bills have to be paid and that savings is actually important. I'm tired of people making assumptions that I don't work and he takes care of everything. He's overdrawn the joint checking account that we had so many times that last time they closed the account because it stayed overdrawn too long. He seems to be clueless as to why that would upset someone. I'm just glad now that I have a checking account of my own so that his last deliberate act did not mess everything up completely.

I kicked him out the last time but within a few days he was back. Everything has gone even farther down hill from there and he of course does not acknowledge his constant childish habits have anything to do with the fact that he annoys the crap out of me. I'll be going before this turns into a rant about stupidity, I've got work to do. I need to save some money and buy a few things to make life easier if I'm gonna be getting divorced. I hope.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Theresa has had a rather good week despite the fact that we're both exhausted. She wrote the letter "S" correctly this week! We've spent months drilling that particular letter because of her tendency to write it backwards. She was in ABA and they were working on getting her to do what they did. The little sneak did it on the first try because she didn't think I was watching. I caught her singing along with the radio too!

Ok that's all of the little one, for now. I'm learning to work my new camcorder so I have proof she's doing cute stuff.