Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Searching for Beds

Yes, I am in search of beds. Theresa has learned that she can climb in her crib (sometime ago) and this is now translating to attempts to climb out of it to get a book that she wants. She is in need of a new mattress and it turns into a day bed. The problem with it turning into a day bed is that I’m afraid either she won’t stay in it at bedtime or the constant tossing and turning she does to get situated during the night will result in her falling out of it. I am in need of a new bed as well but that is a different story all together.

The problem I have is that her room is small. She already has another bed but it is the bottom half of a bunk bed set. I am afraid that she will fall out of it since it is a bit higher off the ground that I would like. I have thought about putting rails around it but then I am afraid that she will climb them.

I’d like her to have a cute bed but my budget is only allowing for practical at this point. I still need to rearrange her room. I’m thinking instead of buying myself a new bed I’ll simply use the one from the bunk beds until it wears out. I’m wondering if I know anyone talented enough to build her a frame if I simply purchase her a mattress and box springs. Given her love of climbing I’m a good mind to set them on the floor with rails around them so she’s less likely to fall out or knock it down jumping.

Her OCD tendencies will not allow me to rearrange her room. I have tried and it upsets her, so I have to be slow and careful about what I do in her room.

Ok off to search for a solution that satisfies us both.

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