Monday, March 26, 2012


I would be rather flustered at the upcoming week. It's not that I do not want to go to the appointments this week, I don't but I will. They are important but the price of gas is starting to get to me. It's almost $4 a gallon here again, yes I know some areas are already experiencing it but I can't take it. The price was too high for me at $3 a gallon and now it's eating into my budget.

I am working as much as I can around therapy, there is not much time to do anything else but I am not completely ready to pull my hair out at the lack of time yet. I have to invoice again on the first but that is about a week away which will give me more income.......I'm working on next week's schedule so that I know what to do. I have to do laundry, cut grass and find time for myself.

Next Day

After a few hours of trying to figure it out we came to the conclusion that I would be off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to allow rest to cover the weekend this weekend. That works well, Wednesday is my busiest day so I can not do a lot and short deadlines like the ones coming up would be out. The weekends are slower but I could actually do short deadlines within a few hours.

Apparently these pay more because they are irritating to do, (her words not mine). I haven't seen them yet.

Well I"m off to start my day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Never Enough Time

OK the kiddo needs to find time to do homework I have no idea how to fit more hours into her day. She is five years old and has an appointment everyday of the week. Next month we do her labs again, I have a feeling that I am tired of the labs because part of me would be doubting my decision to put her on the supplements in the first place. This is a strange place for me to be.

I would be tired from the constant working around everything but she is flourishing in her environment. There are days when I feel extremely irritable because instead of spending time with her work has come in that has to be done. She adores kid's shows and doing learning activities on her own so that is one plus that makes me feel the tiniest bit less guilty.

The goal was to stay home with her and I have done that but I have not done it the way that I intended. Instead of work from home so when I'm home I'm not always home. I can hear her giving herself therapy as I pound away on my keyboard to earn a living most days. I have managed to take extended periods of time off from private clients in the past but now it is not possible. I have one steady client at the moment but it's starting to resemble one that I left when I first started. I worked for her for a few months but soon the fact that she sent work at all hours of the day and work that was due the day after I was supposed to have an entire day off began to irritate me.

To me the day off means that you do not even send me things to look at. OK so I'm a bit picky in that regard but I can not help it when I tell you it's time for my kids it's time for my kids. I'm thinking of another blog but that might not be such a good idea. . I would start a website but the time to build it and keep it updated would be something that I can not figure out.

OK there is a need to come up with the filing fee for the divorce and figure out how to fit more hours into the day once again as a single mother.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mommy Gets Sick

Yes, mommy gets sick too. Only when mommy gets sick things can fall apart if she does not dictate from the sick bed. It was so simple when it began, a day off work to rest which I planned to spend sleeping. Instead I found myself opening various web pages in hopes of getting tired enough to sleep as my child ran around playing and jumping on things beyond my control. Lovely, but yes her father was watching back and forth that is.

The high point was that he realized he needed to remain inside to watch her instead of doing auto repairs. YAY! He has half a brain, that is a good point at least. He had no clue about the laundry or the dishes but that can be rectified when I am stronger.

The weekend off was nice, I slept some but I kept getting up to surf the Internet because I was bored.  Little bit entertained herself with her cards but we didn't get much homework done. She's having trouble with the "what's wrong cards" I think it may be the setup or the fact that some of those things she has never seen in person. She's never been swimming so she may not know you don't were boots. That could be it. I can hope that's it, it's almost time to make sure that she can swim.

I have to make it clear that I do not intentionally work late into the night and that I do not care to get work sent in the middle of the night if it can be avoided. I do not intend to stay up late just because something came in in the middle of the night. That is just ridiculous. This hours are what made me sick and I have to correct it.

OK I"m rambling and complaining now so I'll be going. I'm getting something that may make potty training shorty easier. I'm going to check on my food now that I've got this update posted, and I may work on my own stuff a little while. I don't feel like going back to work just yet.

Friday, March 9, 2012


The kiddo had her last in clinic OT session, and in two weeks she gets a new OT in the school system. We'll find out in two weeks if the kid understands that. She's used to therapist leaving this is the fifth or sixth OT we've had when you include the school system. Well, two in the school system and four privately so since she's one of those it makes fifth. The re-evaluation is already done and the IE goals for the new year (kindergarten) all set.

We have homework from therapy now, not simply the things that we are learning but visuals to aid in the process. We are going over Who questions for speech, we've covered what all ready. "WH" questions were in her IEP for the last two and a half years. We also have error trials to do for ABA in order to check on past skills and place them in the VP MAPP book to show where she is on skills. Now we're working on dressing and we have to work on writing legibility. I still have to buy tablets and regular notebook paper.

I would be so lost right now that it's not even funny. I'm no way prepared to send my baby off to Kindergarten; two and a half years ago at the age of three I was not ready to send her to preschool either but I had too. There are days I still don't want to send her to school because I'd rather have her home with me.

OK this is actually kind of depressing so I'm gonna go see if there is anything that I forgot to prepare for tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things to Go Over

Well the ABA session is coming up for this week and there are notes on the back of my data sheets of what to go over with her. There is an issue with the reward system for my child since sometimes the thing she wants the most is the one thing that she can not have at that moment in time. We need a work around, I think that having a bin she can choose from when she does the task might work. MIGHT, that's what I need to go over with the therapist this next session.

The yard needs cutting and gas prices are rising meaning I need to go over my budget. I am in the middle of a large project that lasts through November, the good part is that if I hold out I can collect enough to cover a couple months worth of bills and breath easy for a little bit. 

I am writing my own articles in between the articles for the project in an effort to have income to supplement while I wait for the completion. I don't know why but I think a large payment would be beneficial to me. The auto insurance will be due for six months at the time the project is set to end and paying it for the full term would save me money on the total cost in addition to giving me more money in my pocket each month.

I have to clean up the house, there is the need to replace a length of duct work under the house. I plan to do that soon. I also plan to find out why the heat only works in the on position instead of in the auto position so that it is on constantly when it is in use. By morning it is like a sauna in here and I turn it off immediately when I get up no matter what the temperature is outside. I should be doing yard work right now but I have no idea where the tools are at the moment.

I am searching for a reel lawnmower to see if I can find one that I can half way afford in order to make it easier to cut the grass. By easier I mean to make it more affordable with the rising cost of gasoline that is making it next to impossible right now. I am working on figuring out how to cut the grass once a week until then.

OK I have to go now. There is a lot of work waiting for me and I need to get to it. I also need to organize everything so I have it ready for the ABA to ensure that all my points are covered in this one session. At least part of them, I think we have time since school lets out in a few months. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Not Realistic

Last week our ABA therapist had a problem with the time. More like she was almost a half hour late and full of excuses about being thrown off by the events of the day. Since in two years time she's never done that before we'll take her word for it. I have data sheets to do that are not fitting in with the reality that is my life. (Makes note to discuss the fact that I work for a living during the next session.)

I need my kid to function, I also have no choice but to work. At the moment this blog posting would be my break from running back and forth from the beginnings of an article to house cleaning. This is getting old. I'm tired of staying up late at night just to get up early in the morning and start all over. I am in the middle of trying to schedule everything.

I have to make time for my own work while I work on this project for 600 articles and getting my child to learn new skills. I am hoping to hold off on payment until I finish and get the entire payment at once. That way I will have the money for a few months worth of bills and can let it earn interest while I work on other things. I have my book on the back burner. I pulled it out to work on a week ago, there was something that I need to add to it. I have another one a fictional one started because the story in the first one is far from over.

I am going to get better at updating these too. I am going to try anyway. I watched a twilight zone where a man did not realize until the very end that his benefactor was in fact Hitler. That was a shock to say the least of course there were clues though the entire thing.

Well, so far I'm rambling and I'm tired. I'll be going for now.