Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreading the School Supply List

I dread the day that I go to the store and attempt to fit my child's supply list into my budget. It's kind of long for kindergarten. I confirmed the fact that the hand sanitizer on the list is a result of a lack of soap in the bathrooms. That is just gross if I do say so myself and I do.

The list is rather long and includes multiples of a number of items. I found out by asking a tutor that goes to the local schools that unless there is a bathroom in the classroom there is not soap in them. So the hand sanitizer on the list is a must. There are an obscene number of pencils, and I have no idea why there are two boxes of two different count crayons on the list.

On top of the school supplies for the classroom, it's time to buy school clothes again. This means going through her closet and picking out the clothes that do and do not fit her. I know that the pants I bought toward the end of the year should almost fit her now with a belt. The shirts, I'm not sure if they will or not so I am setting aside a couple hours to go through and get her to try them on so I know how many she has.

The budget for school clothes is very slim, and she has to have a new backpack this year. While hers stayed in one piece and worked for two years of school, it took it's toll and managed to start ripping because of the amount of things needed in her bag for the typical day. That number is reducing so I'm hoping that a change of clothes as small as she is will fit in a gallon storage bag and they can put the clothes she messed up back in it. Zipped bags prevent the smell from getting in the bag, and I can put a garbage bag in it.

Well, off to work. I have to earn the money for the supplies and still pay the bills. I should have started sooner but that is a side effect of being spoiled to PHP where they provide everything the children need to learn.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ABA Changes

We recently lost our ABA therapist because she had to move away. Her husband joined the military. He got stationed in Kansas. Two weeks ago we had our last session. Today we went to see the new therapist. She's not new but she's new to Theresa.

Theresa was having a little bit of trouble the last week asking for her other therapist. This morning it only took once to explain that we would be seeing a new therapist this morning. I was impressed that I did not hear any yelling from the room as Theresa made her adjustments.

I was rather impressed by the fact that the therapist while she started slowly did immediately place demands on the child. The change is good for her, but I know she misses the therapist that she had. I'm glad that she did well this morning though.

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Sinking In!

The kid is learning to take turns, and she's doing Kindergarten work. Reading directions on her own even. I'll be filling her back to school supply list soon. In addition to the classrooms supplies I'll need pants for her uniforms and possibly shirts. It depends on what fits her now and what doesn't. I'm putting off going through her room, but I've got less than a month left.

I have no idea when the shopping trip will be. I'm trying to hold out for the tax free weekend. Which I am still not sure when it is. I may not be able to find everything on sale but not paying 9% sales tax will help to cut the bill a good bit.

Anyway, I'm just glad that it's all sinking in for her. I've got to go now and let her work on her educational things for before therapy today.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing for a new ABA Therapist

Well, she's not exactly new but she's new for us to see. Our previous ABA of two years is moving, her husband joined the army. There was a week with the new therapist sitting in on the session, a week without therapy while the two went over the ABLLS (sp) book to see the progress. It served to go over quirks that my daughter has.

In the meantime we have maintained our speech schedule. The speech schedule at the moment is going to be the only thing affected since we took a break from OT over the summer. What? Almost three years of constant therapy later I'm tired. If my child forgets all the OT over the summer then we'll push harder at the beginning of the school year.

The main focus of therapy lately is working on the items in the Kindergarten IEP. IEP = Individualized Educational Plan. She can do the work for the most part the problem is that I put her in a typical classroom where she will be expected to do things on her own for the most part. Well, with the aid of "paraprofessionals" which as near as I can figure translates to teachers aid. I hope.

Well, at the moment I have to come up with my own topics to write about and I'm stuck that's why I'm writing this. This Tuesday we do ABA back to back with speech, that's going to be interesting.

Monday, July 9, 2012


It's easier than it sounds with a five year old and six year years worth of stuff. Actually more than six years worth, it appears that furniture and clothing are the only things I got rid of after my last divorce. They would also be the things that I have replaced. I got up with the intention of merely having all my kid's toys put up and out of the floor to vacuum and do some light cleaning. What changed?

I was up early enough to do some work without interruption in hopes of creating a payday for this Friday. I did some without a problem. The problem came in when I went to check the status of the articles. I had a revision request that said one of the articles did not make sense, it was a bunch of sentences. I was ill beyond belief, so I went about dumping out toy boxes to clean them out and vacuuming the floor as I rearranged the furniture.

Over five hours yesterday spent getting rid of things and cleaning, in my living room. The couch, (worn out with a wire sticking out) was put outside. I was ill about the time I put it at the road because of all things the dog had been pulling the stuffing out of it. He's been wandering so I have to get him a tag with his address on it, plus fence him in so the dog catcher doesn't get him. They'd only know that he's wandering not that he has a home and despite his hyperactivity would be missed.

I went through the toy boxes, I managed to get two medium sized gift bags full of toys that either don't work (or could need batteries), that my kid hasn't played with in forever. I'm hoping this means that we can actually get rid of them. There are more in her room to go through when I get that far. I went through and pulled out the food she had thrown in there to hide, YUCK!

I managed to get my dining table cleaned off and sprayed down to clean the things my kid has stuck to it. It looks much better with a single candle in it now. I'm thinking of getting a candle warmer to get more out of them. I love my candles. I would have to find the time to make up my scraps into candles so I can actually put those up instead of storing the scraps. I'm hoping to pay closer attention the next time though, I managed a small fire last time because I turned the heat up too high.

Today I'm working, going through papers, some of them have been filed long enough. Then I'm attacking either the carpet in the bathroom, (it'll probably weight to be ripped up) or the kid's room. I may attack my closet instead. I found a pair of pants I used to like to wear in a drawer yesterday, they used to be white but things falling into the dresser turned them slightly. I'm not sure how that happened but I'd like it to stop happening. I need to go get dressed and do a bit of work. This place isn't going to declutter itself so I have to do it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time for Labs and Getting Ready to Return to School

It's funny how it's time to take the little ones vitamin D levels again. It seems like it was yesterday but nope, it was just a couple months ago. They get checked on a regular basis since she is on 3,000 I.U. a day. That's the most anyone does, the fact that her levels are not going up lately but instead dropping means that I think it's time to get a dose that is delivered in 3,000 I.U. at a time so I know she gets the whole dose. We'll see after today's results get back. It's been hit and miss with the supplements since her teeth because lose.

I found bread cut in the shape of gold fish yesterday. So in an effort to get my child to eat more of what was in front of her I got a pack that makes eight sandwiches for a $1. That's not bad what is bad is that I paid over $3 each for tuna salad and another cheesy like sandwich spread just because it's hot out. The tuna salad I could make myself I suppose since I keep eggs. Two cans of tuna, one egg, some onion, green pepper, relish and mayonnaise are simple enough to keep on hand.

In the heat I have decided that I will be going to the grocery store every couple days after therapy instead of keeping a bunch of stuff on hand that we're not likely to eat. I saw bowls for my one remaining cat, Sylvester, and my lab mix puppy Johnny yesterday. The biggest problem is hoping that Johnny doesn't take his food dish off somewhere. The cat bowls will mean the cat is less likely to leave his food uneaten for Johnny to eat when he rushes in the house.

Poor Johnny is supposed to get a bath today, he likes baths better than storms.  Poor thing it won't be long before he needs a new collar at the rate he's going. I have to get him one with my phone number on it so someone can call if he runs away, although he is amazingly loyal to me. He gets upset when he gets put outside because he can't behave in the house. I need a larger house for him or maybe a small one with less stuff in it.

Well, my worst half's alarm is going off signaling that is it is time to end this and get ready to get the little terror that is my five year old up.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Relearning Everything

In the years since childhood I've become spoiled to things such as central heating and air conditioning. Both of these modern conveniences are just that, there used to be no such thing. Fire places, wood burning stoves and eventually window units were the normal items used in every home. Recent events have led me to purchase a window unit, which will have company shortly. Eventually the bedrooms will each have a small one and the living room a slightly larger one, hopefully on the backside of this place to avoid the heat.

I am doing a lot of manual labor, the problem is that no one seems to remember the days when manual labor was the only choice there was. I think that everyone has to relearn things from time to time but I'm having to relearn on top of learning things that I never had the chance to learn before.

I am attempting to take measurements for minor and major repairs while attending to therapy needs for an Autistic child and working hours that some days amount to slave labor. I am behind once again in my savings goals because of unpredictable breakdowns. I have decided that there are some things I can do like using Murpay for gas purchases to make it cheaper, but that is only one thing.

I cancelled because while it is only $8 a month my computer shut down whenever the kid would use it. I can't tell if she did it or if the site had a bug she picked up from something. So a month or two without it to see if she was clicking something or if the site is doing it. If it continues to do it without the site then we can get the subscription back. She may have to start over but that's OK too.

Oh well, enough rambling it's time to make out a schedule for the week ahead. I have spreadsheets, repairs, family plans and of course a book to work on.