Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long Day

It's been a rather long day. Tired as I can be we still have three days of therapy to go. Theresa is handling it well though. She is still as energetic as she was over the weekend. Funny we went shopping this weekend and she was a little angel.

Monday Theresa was a little terror. I got my wish though, she was just like any other child her age for that one day. No one would have any clue that she has difficulty even playing like other kids do because the concept of pretend is rather difficult for her. She was good when we went to speech however.

Today (Tuesday) we had speech and she was really good. She gets most of her action cards right now but she keeps missing a few consistently. Catch is a big one she misses, she still hasn't got the concept of catching in real life so the picture is rather difficult for her too. She knows what a ball is, she can throw a ball but if you tell her to catch she just lets it go past her.

She's talking more. I spoke to her speech therapist today and she's going to begin retesting her tomorrow. I'm curious to see how far she's come. Either the end of this month or September will be a year since she began speech. I think she had three words and an echo or two. "Call now" and "advair" were the echos that she said constantly. I want to see just how much difference a year has made.

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