Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Talkative today

Theresa began the day talking! She was in her crib singing a rainbow song that she heard on "Mickey Mouse" the other day. She was putting the colors in order. It was just too cute. She even ate her breakfast although the little sneak did spit out her Vitamin C tablet this morning.

This afternoon I have to pack her a nice snack. We have speech and an hour after it lets out we have feedback with Dr. Cotter for her diagnosis re-evaluation. I'm hoping for a better diagnosis or at least a more specific diagnosis this time. The last one was more of a she falls in this catergory but we don't have enough to give a specific diagnosis so we're putting her here, come back in a year to go over her progress.

Well, I learned something this morning. My mail box is too far to walk barefoot when the ground is frozen. Ok just I'll be going now.

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