Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas survived

Just a short post let everyone know how the holiday I dread the most is going so far. Well, there haven’t been any fatalities in the home so that’s a plus. Yes we’ve all survived this far. Theresa opened her gifts from us this morning, Christmas and birthday since she’ll have a total of at least three days opening presents tomorrow.

She loves the little dry erase/chalk board that Nanna got her and the one that stands up that we got her. Both are reusable and one travels for lessons or just occupying her on the road. She’s not ready to use the roll of paper just yet but that’s fine too that’ll give me time to figure out where to find another roll to replace it with. I think I’ll take the time to buy one or two rolls of wrapping paper on sale after the holidays even though I have three rolls left. I may just use gift bags next year, I have plenty of them.

She got two wooden puzzles with the pictures under them when she gets done I’m gonna preserve them and use them to decorate her room with. Or I may just use the tray the puzzle goes in and hang it up as a picture in her room. I know I want a jigsaw puzzle to preserve and hang as a picture as soon as I have somewhere to hang pictures again. Repairs have to be done first.

We’ll be starting the next year with a full therapy schedule and hopefully once in a while a day off for me. I plan to sit down and eat meals together at some point in 2011. I can’t focus so I’m going to odds and ends so that I can let my mind wander around.

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