Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aren't Children and Animals Nice

Well, I found my cat he was trying to live with the neighbors. Now to find the first one that went missing. So far today I've managed one load of laundry and we've gotten the grass cut. We still have to cut the very back and I have to clean out around the air conditioner because for some reason my darling hubby never realizes it's part of cleaning the yard.

Of course I still have to get up the pile of rotted wood from where my front porch was replaced and tear down the back porch. Anyone able to tell me how to put steps together? I have a feeling this is gonna be fun. The front steps don't have support below the step so I don't understand how they've working. I want supports under the back steps since I have to do it myself. I guess I can go tear it down then hope it doesn't rain for a few days so I can figure it out.

Ever feel like there's more to do than you have time? Oh well, time to go see if the kid's lunch is ready to turn over so she can eat. It's a bit late for lunch but that's OK too.

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