Sunday, July 18, 2010

Theresa Got "Do This"!!

We've been working on imitation with the phrase "do this" for a little while now. Theresa finally got it today. She was in the tub with her letters. Her favorite things and she was putting them on the tub spelling out words and reading to herself. Well, I put some letters up and she read the words. Then I took a letter and off and said "do this" she imitated me while echoing "do this." Then we tried "do this' with clapping, she did it almost every time. The times she didn't she was distracted with her letters.

We still have to do the shaving cream with her but I have to figure out where to do it first. It's getting later in the evening and I have to cut some grass. We get to buy a new lawnmower battery next week when somewhere with cheaper batteries opens.

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