Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Only Getting Hotter

Yikes, it's supposed to be 77 degrees tonight and 100 degrees tomorrow. It was 85 degrees inside today, tomorrow it'll be 90 degrees with the air going full blast. There are blankets covering all the windows in the house. Now if the cats don't knock them down it'll stay cool enough overnight to keep the air from coming on as early tomorrow. 

I have a feeling that we're going to use more electricity in the next few months than we have all year long. For some reason the light bill during the winter months isn't as high. I keep wondering if it isn't because I like to be cool and can't stand being hot. I just have to remember to unplug everything before I go to bed. I also have to remember to unplug everything that's not going to be used during the two hours that we're in therapy tomorrow.

We're potty training Theresa. So far it's a royal pain. The child has been in pull ups for over a year? I think it is. I finally found the cloth training pants and waterproof plastic pants that I wanted. The prices on those things are obscene. Of course they're thicker than I remember them being when Jasmine was little, they actually hold liquid in now. OK I've been at home way too long.

Well, I managed to get some work done today. I'll be going to the grocery store tomorrow. That's gonna be a fun trip. I may just go replace my electric skillet, deep fryer and two eye burner I used to have. I have a load of clothes soaking in the washing machine so I can hang them out before we leave for therapy in the morning. It'll be hot enough they'll dry by the time we get back. I managed to wash and hang out three loads of laundry today it was so hot.

Time to go back to work or to bed instead.

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