Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tired and Irritable

OK I had an appointment with the nutritionist yesterday. Theresa's diet is more balanced than I thought it was. Theresa was answering the questions in speech with sentences. Yesterday afternoon we went to the doctor, Autism consult time.

Well, we went over the progress she's made. Clarified the directions for the new prescription and had four tubes of blood drawn to check on her supplement doses. The results should be back in a few days, hopefully by Friday. If all the levels are fine then she's not due for a redraw for six months. That puts it at the time of her four year check-up.

School starts in about a month so I'm wondering when I'll be getting Theresa's new class assignment. They said something about moving her to mornings which means rearranging her outside therapy appointments. This is going to be fun I'm not actually a morning person so getting her to appointments that start at 10am are hard enough. I've got to figure something out. I noticed that lately I haven't been focused during the day at all. Nights I get more focused but then I lose concentration because I'm so tired.

OK it's time to try and get a little bit of work done before I have to go put my shoes on and get Theresa's stuff together. I get to stop by the store on the way home for some kitchen towels. I'm getting a large pack from the paint section and putting the ones I have to work on the floors until they wear out. I'm tired of running out of towels. This way I'll have a full load of whites sooner which will be a big help. I need to find a five gallon bucket with a lid or recipe for laundry soap that makes a gallon or two gallons of liquid detergent at a time.

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