Friday, July 16, 2010

A Long Day for Me and Theresa but A Good One

This morning began for me at 6am. I actually had time for a hot cup of coffee and a hot shower before I got Theresa out of bed. She ate her breakfast, ran wild and took her supplements. I managed to get the laundry almost folded and part of the bathroom carpet mopped before we left at 8:45.

Her speech appointment was at 9:30, we managed to make it early even with the construction! She did great! She sounded out "kid" all by herself! Then at 10 or a little after since the therapist has another child right before her. Theresa used her "go fish" cards in therapy today. She matched three right off the bat! The next step is to increase the matching with the cards and to get her to match objects to objects. We're gonna try getting her to match blocks with pictures on them.

ABA lasted until noon, then Theresa played in the lobby for a few minutes before we left to go to the store. We went to two stores and didn't get home until 3:30 in the afternoon! She was so good in the store that she got to pick out her "reward' for therapy this weekend and next week. She even got her own coke when we left the second store. I was exhausted when we got home and had to go back to the store because I forgot something.

Well, dinner for the baby was hot dogs and potato chips. I had a chili salad. Hubby made chili, didn't notice they're were canned beans in the pantry and had to use the dried beans I bought. Poor thing he still hasn't eaten because the beans aren't swishy enough for him. Oh well, next time he'll pay attention to what's going on. I was going to put beef stew in the crock pot for lunch tomorrow but I think I'll do it when I wake up in the morning for dinner tomorrow night. We can have left overs for lunch.

OK it's nearly time for bed and I'm exhausted.

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