Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Much Work Done but Enough Shopping

I didn't get any work done at all today. I managed to get a 3lb bag of rice and 2 cans of tomatoes and peppers to use with the meat and stuff that's here so we can put off grocery shopping until the 14th of the month. I managed to get confused at the store as well. I had to go to two stores so I decided to compare the prices on my hand soap and bath soap at the two. Well, the hand soap was 2 cents cheaper at the first store and the bath soap was 2 cents higher which means they even out unless I wait to buy one or the other and combine it with a trip for something else.

I got a 90 day air filter that'll only last a month. I got the $5 instead of the $9 one this time. I can't tell a difference as long as I don't buy the thin blue ones. With the thin blue ones I have to change the filter a couple times a week so it all works out in the end. I did get the baby a few months worth of bubbles, one large bottle was on clearance for 50cents and a large refill was $1.50 on clearance. We have the little bottles to refill so she'll be happy for a while, the bubbles are the one reward she never seems to tire of.

Then I got to wondering about my baking soda. I know it works out better to buy the 4lb box for $2.12 than to buy the 12lb for almost $7 but what about the 14oz boxes for 50 cents each? All I know is the 4lb box last longer. My 6lb box of generic oxi-clean that I bought a few weeks ago is a lot cheaper than the ph increaser they sell. I noticed a $2 difference in the cost of borax from one store to the next for the same size box with a different design. I bought a small bottle of bleach (generic) for $1.50, I couldn't bring myself to buy the $1 bottle of ammonia because I couldn't remember what I wanted it for.

I bought four emergency blankets at $2.88 each. I managed to cover five full sized windows and two small windows completely. I managed to partially cover one window with them. Not bad for only for blankets. I put a darker blanket on my bedroom window. It felt cooler in the house once they went up although I won't know for sure if the blankets go back over the other windows since it was 80 degrees in the house with the air on when I put them up.

Well, I'm rambling and I should actually be working. I have an appointment with the nutritionist in the morning while Theresa goes to speech and I have to make sure I have what of her food diary I've managed to keep so far to take with me.

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