Friday, July 2, 2010

Interesting How Days Run Together

Today was ABA  funny how it seems like just yesterday that we were but it was last week. I actually participated this week unlike last week when I was so tired that I just watched. Theresa was starting to rely on prompted commands more than spontaneous asking. So we're going back to those and getting her to name things by what they are.

Meanwhile my glasses broke this morning and I have to use my old pair the prescription isn' t right on until I can get an appointment to have another eye exam. I don't even remember how much they cost. This is going to be a fun month.

I figured it out I have enough to pay most of the bills and get gas to go to therapy. We can catch the one that I don't have enough to pay all of this month by adding a little bit extra to the payment each month after school starts back next month.

The cats are still settling in fine. Sylvester is slim with a slick coat and pushy personality. Salem is a bit heavier with a not so slick coat and a shyer personality. OK time to work and hopefully get something done other than think about working.

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