Monday, April 12, 2010

Batting A Thousand

Both my beautiful daughters could read by the age of three. My youngest is three years and three months old. She's Autistic. She knows her letters on sight, can count to ten and is starting to read without prompting! She can read April, Fox, and a few other words that I can't remember right now. We have to teach her numbers past ten now. She read 15 as one, five but technically that's right. It is a one and a five!

The new IEP was gone over today. She made a choice today but it's staying in her IEP for next year to build consistency. The strengths in her IEP included the fact that she's only been in preschool for three months and is adjusting to the routine which includes participating and following directions of two or three words. The speech portion includes answering "wh" questions by the end of the 2010/2011 school year. Who, what, when, where, why- these are all things that can be seen when she gets home!

They want to change her from 2 hour afternoons to 2 1/2 hour mornings when school restarts in the fall. The mornings are a little longer with a bit more structure. That could work out better only one appointment for private therapy would have to be changed and she could get in a nap one extra day during the week.

Mornings would also give me a chance to get more work done while she's at school and have the house cleaned by the time she gets home. Then I wouldn't be so tired when she goes to school. It could be a plus for everyone. She'd get more work done at home between school and therapy than she does now too.

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